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The 95-5 Wellness Solution 2.0 just got released!

The 95-5 Wellness Solution makes it easy to know exactly how to eat to prevent Diabetes. And we're very happy to announce it just got an upgrade!

Learn about what we changed, why we did it, and what's new in the 95-5 Wellness Solution 2.0. We'll also tell you how to get your updated copy (or a new one if you don't already have it!) There's even a super big gift for you further below!


We first published the 95-5 Wellness Solution in 2016.

Since then, thousands of women have downloaded it and are using this unique high fiber whole foods approach to help reverse their Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes.

AND women with Type 2 Diabetes are using the 95-5 Wellness Solution to reverse their Diabetes too!

All of this is awesome news and we are super-duper proud of all you ladies that have used the 95-5 Wellness Solution to reverse your health problems.

What We Changed – Coconut Oil Is Out!

One of the things we do at Power In The Group is review research studies that come out about nutrition and diet. We do this to make sure the 95-5 Wellness Solution is absolutely the best it can be!

Over the years, the studies we've been reading have convinced us that most people would be better off NOT eating coconut oil.


Because coconut oil raises cholesterol and blood fats in TWO GROUPS of people:

1) Coconut oil raises cholesterol and blood fats in people who have the genetic condition called Familial hypercholesterolemia.

2) Researchers now know for sure that Coconut oil ALSO raises cholesterol and blood fats in people who are hyper-responders to dietary saturated fat.

AND since you won't know you're a saturated fat hyper-responder until you eat a lot of coconut oil and your cholesterol and blood fats go through the roof...

...Coconut oil is OUT of the 95-5...especially since you have a 25% chance of giving yourself high cholesterol!

(So you know, you also won't find any coconut oil in Joan's pantry cupboard either...it's all been moved to her bathroom to be used as skin and hair conditioner!)

Don’t worry...there are lots of other healthy oils you can use, so ditching the coconut oil should NOT be hard for anyone.

And if you're putting coconut oil in your coffee – don't, it's gross!

What We Also Changed – It's Now Printer Friendly!

Ok, when we first published the 95-5 Wellness Solution, we didn’t realize how many women would end up printing it. That orange background probably drained many an ink cartridge! (Sorry.)

But now that we've removed the orange background, you can print the 95-5 Wellness Solution and not have to run out and get more ink.

What's Totally New – It's Now Mobile Friendly!

Many women told us they were trying to look at the 95-5 Wellness Solution on their phones.

Why? Because they were grocery shopping and wanted to make sure they only bought the stuff that was ok and didn’t buy the stuff that would make their blood sugar problems worse.

That's why you'll find this new version of the 95-5 Wellness Solution works great on your phone.

It's easy to read and you can quickly find whatever you need to know about:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Supper
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Sugar and Fake Sugars
  • Dining Out
95-5 Wellness Solution on a Cell Phone

And even better, all those lists of what foods to buy and avoid are all still in the 95-5 Wellness Solution 2.0...but they're much easier to access now!

This mobile-friendly format will especially be helpful when you're checking out food at the grocery store!

What's Also New – Lots of Links Back to Recipes and Blog Posts

We listened to our women about getting the 95-5 Wellness Solution to have more links back to the Power In the Group recipes and our helpful "Can I Eat This" blog posts.

So now you'll find dozens of links back to Power In The Group recipes and our blog posts that talk about if you can eat certain things (or not), AND links about testing your blood sugar, counting carbs and much more!

So now the 95-5 Wellness Solution is really a reference tool you can use over and over and over.

We know you'll love the 95-5 Wellness Solution 2.0!

When our team was testing the new version, we were amazed how quickly they were zipping around:

  • Finding recipes
  • Looking at lists of what’s ok to eat
  • Consulting those "Avoid These Foods" Lists
  • Linking to blog posts

Want to get your own copy of the 95-5 Wellness Solution 2.0?

Click here to get your copy now!

Here's That Super Big Gift For YOU!

I recently filmed a live session where I talked to the ladies in our Healthy U Group about the 95-5 Wellness Solution.

Now, that video is normally only available to women in our Healthy U Group...

...but to help the greatest number of ladies possible, I decided to make that video available to anybody who wants to watch it. You don't have to opt-in, sign up, or anything like that.

The video is below. My gift to you. I know it will help!

About the Author Joan Pasay

As a Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist I felt compelled to start Power In The Group. Why? To guide and support women like you with Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance so you can regain and nourish your health...without all the confusion. Together we can enjoy the richest quality of life for ourselves, with our families, and within our society...wanna come along?

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