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fiber and prediabetes

Fiber and Prediabetes: Why You Need To Eat More Fiber When You Have Prediabetes

Scientists have discovered critical information about fiber…including why you need to eat more fiber when you have Prediabetes — if you want to avoid chronic diseases. Read on to find out all about Fiber and Prediabetes, including what to eat…

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Step Fitbit

10 Million Step Fitbit Goal — 75 Day Countdown

I’ve been working on a 10 Million Step Fitbit goal now for almost 2 years. By September 27th (my 50th birthday) my time will be up! Why is this important? Read on to find out the health benefits of stepping and why I’m doing this…

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Diabetic Chia Seed Recipe

Diabetic Chia Seed Recipe: Chia Seed Muffins (GF)

Fall is the time of year for one dish meals of soup, stew and chili. Wouldn’t it be great to have a muffin with your steaming bowl of goodness? You can! (It won’t give you blood sugar problems either…). Check out my Diabetic Chia Seed Recipe for Chia Muffins! Read on to find out how this all possible…(it’s gluten free too)

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Diabetic Muffin Recipe Coconut Flour Muffins

Diabetic Muffin Recipe: Coconut Flour Muffins (G/F, D/F)

Ladies…Want to increase your insulin sensitivity? Eat more fiber you can’t digest! The answer? Low carb muffins made with coconut flour. This Diabetic Muffin Recipe is versatile and these muffins work great as a snack, a companion to soup, salad and stews. Read on to see how to make them…

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Diabetic Chocolate Cupcake

Diabetic Chocolate Cupcake RECIPE

Ladies, I know…sometimes all you need is some chocolate cake! But cake and Prediabetes don’t usually mix. Is it possible to make a Diabetic Chocolate Cupcake Recipe? Yes!!! In this blog post I’ll tell how you can make a chocolate cupcake and eat it too…read on…

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can I eat fruit with prediabetes

Can I Eat Fruit With Prediabetes?

Ladies with Prediabetes ask me this question – Can I Eat Fruit With Prediabetes? Isn’t fruit too sugary? Read on to find out the answer…you’ll be surprised!

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should prediabetics eat bananas

Should Prediabetics Eat Bananas?

Ladies with Prediabetes ask me this question — Should Prediabetics Eat Bananas?  Aren’t bananas too sugary?

Well that all depends…read to find out more…

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prediabetic cravings

Prediabetic Cravings — How To Stop Food Cravings

If you have Prediabetic Cravings you need to read this! Lots of research about food cravings indicate –Your gut microbes are controlling your cravings. Read on to see — how to stop prediabetic cravings.

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Wjhat is Glucose Intolerance Diabetes Prediabetes

What Does Glucose Intolerance Mean? Prediabetes? Type 2 Diabetes?

You just found out you have Glucose Intolerance. What Does Glucose Intolerance Mean? Does this mean you have Prediabetes or even Type 2 Diabetes? Read on to find out… including test levels for both Prediabetes & Type 2…and how to know if you should be tested…

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does smoking cause diabetes

Does Smoking Cause Diabetes?

Diabetes has many risk factors… Obesity, Gestational Diabetes, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, Abnormal Blood Fats, Age, Family History and Race. But what about Smoking? Does smoking increase your risk for Type 2 Diabetes?

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