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Why You Need To Exercise During The Holidays (and what to do)

The holiday season starts tomorrow! Pretty soon you'll be busy buying gifts, preparing for holiday meals, going to festive events and reconnecting with family and friends. But with all the festivities, will you exercise during the holidays?

(Tip: "exercise" can be as simple going for a walk, you don’t have to go to a gym.)

Learn why exercise during the holidays is so important and what will likely happen if you don’t make time for it. You'll also learn the ONE exercise that will make the biggest difference on those big-meal days.

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Diabetic Applesauce Recipe

Diabetic Applesauce Recipe (no sugar)

You can enjoy this applesauce if you have Diabetes, Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance. That's totally yummy news! 

Learn how to make my easy Diabetic Applesauce Recipe (no sugar) AND learn some really delish things you can do with your applesauce including making Diabetic friendly cookies!

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Recipe: Diabetic Friendly Roasted Brussels Sprouts

If you've never roasted Brussels sprouts before, you're missing out! Roasted Brussels sprouts are super easy to make, won't add to your waistline AND they taste delicious! Learn how to make my Diabetic Friendly Roasted Brussels sprouts. You'll be happy you did!

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Holiday Cheer and Health; You Can Have Both! Surviving the Holidays With Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance or Type 2 Diabetes

I know it's crazy to think about it but...the holidays will soon be upon us! AND the holiday season is the hardest time for Diabetics or those trying really hard to prevent Diabetes

What's a Diabetic woman to do???? Learn the best ways for Surviving the Holidays with Diabetes (or Prediabetes) AND find out how you can join other ladies who want to survive the holiday season too! 

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Fasting Good or Bad For Diabetes

Fasting: Good or Bad for Diabetes Long Term?

Fasting is the latest fad diet trend that's all the rage right now. But is fasting all it's cracked up to be? Does fasting have any downsides, side effects or risks? Is fasting a long term weight loss solution?

And is fasting safe for a medical condition like Insulin Resistance, Prediabetes, or even Type 2 Diabetes? Let's talk about fasting in today's blog post...Fasting: Good or Bad for Diabetes Long Term?

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Diabetes and Potatoes

Diabetes and Potatoes: Why you should eat potatoes, 3 potato myths and the best kind of potatoes to eat.

Fad diets and the Internet are full of claims that you can't eat potatoes when you have Diabetes. Are any of these claims true? Are Diabetes and Potatoes a bad combination? Find out in this blog post!

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Prediabetes and PCOS

Prediabetes and PCOS: What you need to know and what you can do about it

Sometimes women with Prediabetes have other health problems too! The most common is PCOS. Learn all about Prediabetes and PCOS in today's blog post.

We'll talk about what you need to know about PCOS and what you can do about PCOS. There is lots you can do about this condition, so don't miss this blog post!

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Food and Prediabetes

Common Questions About Food and Prediabetes

Do you know what Prediabetes questions women ask me more than anything? Questions about food! Can I eat this? Should I avoid that? Is a little of this ok?

All these questions have simple answers! Let's get started with the Common Questions About Food and Prediabetes.

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The 95-5 Wellness Solution 2.0 just got released!

The 95-5 Wellness Solution makes it easy to know exactly how to eat to prevent Diabetes. And we're very happy to announce it just got an upgrade!

Learn about what we changed, why we did it, and what's new in the 95-5 Wellness Solution 2.0. We'll also tell you how to get your updated copy (or a new one if you don't already have it!)

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Prediabetes and Dates: Can I Eat Dates?

A lot of ladies are shocked when I tell them they can eat dates! My lady friends mistakenly argue dates are too sugary. Turns out that dates don't raise your blood sugar much and they help you control your blood lipids too! So Prediabetes and Dates are ok!

Still don’t believe me? Let's look at the science behind blood sugar control and dates.

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