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Healthy U Group Update: How to Lose Weight – Live With Joan Session coming up!

We've been having a great time in the Healthy U Group since our last update!

We have a VERY special online "Live with Joan" session next Thursday, May 21, 2020.

We'll be taking about weight loss.

Why? Because LOTS of women struggle with this EVEN THOUGH they're trying to eat healthy!

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Prediabetes Salad Recipes

Prediabetes Salad Recipes

It's that time of year when a salad needs to be on the menu! But Prediabetics need to be sure of TWO THINGS: (1) that their salads won’t raise their blood sugar to unhealthy levels AND (2) that the salads are full of healthy ingredients! 

We've got you covered with 5 super yummy Prediabetes Salad Recipes your entire family will love!

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Caesar Salad With Flax Croutons

Recipe: Caesar Salad With Flax Croutons

What lady doesn't love a creamy, crunchy-lettuce Caesar Salad? There's only one problem though...those pesky croutons are blood sugar spiking enemies! What's a Prediabetic lady to do? Go without the salad? Go without the croutons? No way! Read on to find out how to easily make a yummy Caesar Salad with Flax Croutons that won't spike your blood sugar.

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Immunity and Diabetes

Immunity and Diabetes

Diabetes makes it really hard to fight off germs and viruses. It's also common to have severe flu and virus symptoms, hospital stays AND longer recovery times.

Today we'll talk about Immunity and Diabetes and WHY immunity problems are likely happen and HOW you can boost your immunity. We'll also talk about if you can have immunity problems with Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes AND we'll talk about COVID-19 and Diabetes as well.

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Healthy U Group Update: 28 Day Immunity Boost

On April 20, 2020 we're starting a special event in the Healthy U Group!

It's called our 28 Day Immunity Boost and you can learn all about it in this little video we put together. (click above)

Don't worry...ALL the stuff we'll be doing is approved by scientists and doctors...

(so NO wonky pills, supplements, detoxes, cleanses or any other "miracle cure" products like you see on the Internet.)

To learn more about the 28 Day Immunity Boost CLICK HERE

Whats Going On In The Healthy U Group? April 2020 Update

What’s Been Going On In The Healthy U Group? Update

We've been having lots of fun in the Healthy U Group! Who says Diabetes Prevention is boring? (not us!)

Here's just some of the stuff us HUG Sisters have been up to.

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Peanut Butter Happy Cookie Recipe

Peanut Butter Happy Cookie Recipe

My Peanut Butter Happy Cookie Recipe is totally safe for ladies with Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance or even Type 2 Diabetes!!!! Why? Because these cookies are full of fiber and healthy ingredients like chia seeds, sunflower seeds, nut butter and bean flour! So let's make some Peanut Butter Happy Cookies!

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): 2 ways we want to help

Coronavirus (COVID-19): 2 ways we want to help…

Ladies, this coronavirus is affecting us all right now.

At the same time, it'll be months before we know all the ways it changes our lives.

In the meantime, the healthier each of us can be, the safer it will be for all of us and our families.

That's why you can count on us to continue providing practical, science-based guidance around health and Diabetes Prevention.

But the team at Power In The Group also asked ourselves what more we could do to help women get and stay healthy.

We decided on TWO WAYS we can help...

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Joan's Flax Bread

Joan’s Flax Bread Recipe – 1 Carb Per Piece! (Gluten Free)

Ladies, my flax bread recipe has only 1 carb in each piece! It’s also packed with fiber and tons of healthy fats. Wanna learn how to make it?

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