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Prediabetes and Popcorn

Prediabetes and Popcorn: Can I Eat Popcorn?

Lots of ladies with Prediabetes tell me they don't eat popcorn because they're scared of the carbs. Is this right? Do Prediabetes and popcorn mix?

Find out the real truth about Prediabetes and popcorn in today's blog post.

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Why I Love My Fibit

Why I Love My Fibit

Something very cool happened to me the other day. I walked my 20 millionth step with my Fitbit!!! OK, I didn't do this all over night! This all started just over 4 years ago... Read on to learn my own story of why I got my Fitbit, why I love my Fitbit, and why I'd never let anyone take my Fitbit away.

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Lentil Baby Potato Stew Recipe

Lentil Baby-Potato Stew Recipe

If you remember my blog post from last week, (Prediabetes and Lentils) you'll remember how much lentils can help you control your blood sugar.

That's right! These fiber-rich gems are like gold when it comes to blood sugar control.

Sounds like my Lentil Baby-Potato Stew Recipe would be a great idea for supper! I've given you instructions for both the Instant Pot and the stove.

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Prediabetes and Lentils

Prediabetes And Lentils

Did you know that lentils are a low glycemic food? This means you get a SLOWER and LOWER blood sugar response when you eat lentils. Yippee! So let's get right into learning about Prediabetes and lentils.

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Soluble and Insoluble Fiber

Prediabetes: Soluble And Insoluble Fiber. Why You Need to Eat Both.

A lot of ladies don’t know this but there are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber. And do you want to know what?

One type of fiber is awesome for your blood sugar control. The other type won’t help you control your blood sugar at all...but it helps prevent cancer.

That's why you have to eat both kinds of fiber! 

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Should You Count Carbs

Prediabetes: Do You Need to Count Carbs?

Do you need to count carbs when you have Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance? That's one of the questions ladies ask me a lot!  Today you get the answer! (And a few surprises you probably didn't see coming.)

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What is Metformin?

A lot of ladies ask me, "What is Metformin?", "Should I take it?", and "Are there any other options?"

Those are all important questions, because you can only make a smart decision if you know ALL the facts! So read on... 

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Types of Diabetes

Types of Diabetes: the reversible, the misdiagnosed & more

Which ONE can you reverse? Which ONES are commonly misdiagnosed? Better find out, Ladies...because those aren't the only types of Diabetes.

Read on to learn about Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, LADA, MODY and more!

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Prediabetes and Chocolate

Prediabetes and Chocolate: Can I Eat Chocolate?

Did you know chocolate is Diabetes friendly and actually helps your heart be healthy? Yup! But not all chocolate is okay! Learn which kind of chocolate is okay and which is not in Prediabetes and Chocolate: Can I Eat Chocolate?

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Sorghum Chia Waffle Recipe

Sorghum Chia Waffle Recipe

Nothing is better on Saturday mornings than waffles and berries. But can ladies with Prediabetes still eat waffles???

Of course! My Sorghum Chia Waffle Recipe is packed with fibery chia and sorghum flour. Life is good is when you eat foods high in fiber – no blood sugar problems either!

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