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Prediabetes, Now What

Prediabetes, Now What? 15 Things You Need To Know

You've got Prediabetes...now what? Better find out these 15 things you need to know NOW to get yourself reversing your Prediabetes right away.

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95-5 Wellness Solution Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas

Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas: What to Eat for Breakfast When You Have Prediabetes

Ladies, when you have Prediabetes, the last thing you want to do is make it worse. You need healthy Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas! Read on to find out what you need to eat to keep your blood sugar stable and start the day out right. (Watch the video below too)!

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Online Diabetes Prevention Program October 2020 update

Online Diabetes Prevention Program October 2020 update

In October, the Healthy U Group is going 110% full throttle with Diabetes Prevention AND Immunity!

Why? Because it's flu season AND we're in the middle of a terrible, deadly pandemic!

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Coronavirus and Diabetes

Coronavirus and Diabetes: COVID-19 Update

Last updated FEB, 22 2021.

There is a VERY contagious virus spreading all over the world called the coronavirus (COVID-19). Millions of people have gotten sick and over 2 million have died.

AND people with Diabetes, Heart Disease and other preexisting health problems are especially at risk for getting COVID-19 AND having serious complications AND 12x more likely to die from it.

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Diabetes and Potatoes

Diabetes and Potatoes: Why you should eat potatoes, 3 potato myths and the best kind of potatoes to eat.

Fad diets and the Internet are full of claims that you can't eat potatoes when you have Diabetes. Are any of these claims true? Are Diabetes and Potatoes a bad combination? Find out in this blog post!

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Diabetes Prevention Program - September update

Online Diabetes Prevention Program September 2020 update

It's time for our Online Diabetes Prevention Program September 2020 update!

We’ve got a whole bunch of really cool things happening in our Women’s Only Online Diabetes Prevention Program (Healthy U Group) this September!

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Prediabetes and Whole Grains

Prediabetes and Whole Grains: Are Whole Grains OK With Prediabetes?

I talk a lot about eating whole grains because some ladies refuse to eat them! Why? Because there's many uneducated-health-guru websites that say grains are from the devil and no one should ever eat them. Is Prediabetes and Whole Grains a good idea? Is it true you need to avoid whole grains? Read on to find out...

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Healthy U Group Update: Stick-With-It Summer 2020

Summer is here and in the Healthy U Group we're enjoying:

  • Some summer fun (as much fun as you can have during a pandemic)
  • Lots of sunshine and lazy summer days
  • Vacations and travelling (if allowed in our areas)
  • Lots of summer fruits (strawberry Chia jam, here we come!)
  • Some rest and relaxing

And while the summer is a great time to loosen up a bit, in the Healthy U Group we're still being focused on getting healthy and making healthy choices.


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Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes: How did you get here?

Healthy U Group Update: Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes – How did you get here? – Live With Joan Session coming up!

It's time for another Live With Joan and this one is going to be really neat! Each of the women will be examining their own health situation and (with a little help from Joan) answering the question...Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes – How did I get here? 

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Strawberry Tofu Pudding Recipe

Strawberry Tofu Pudding Recipe

Want a super easy addition to your breakfast? Or a really tasty snack? Then make my Strawberry Tofu Pudding Recipe. It only takes about 5 minutes to make and it's sooooo tasty! It’s sugar free, gluten free and vegan too! AND only 3 ingredients!

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