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Why I Love My Fibit

Why I Love My Fibit

Something very cool happened to me the other day. I walked my 20 millionth step with my Fitbit!!! OK, I didn't do this all over night! This all started just over 4 years ago... Read on to learn my own story of why I got my Fitbit, why I love my Fitbit, and why I'd never let anyone take my Fitbit away.

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Prediabetes Exercise Plan

The 2 Simple Rules You Must Follow In Your Prediabetes Exercise Plan

Your Prediabetes diagnosis hopefully came with a prescription to exercise more. But are you sabotaging yourself with a bad Prediabetes Exercise Plan? You might be.

Find out the 2 Simple Rules You Must Follow In Your Prediabetes Exercise Plan below. I'll also share the easiest (and most effective) exercise you can do...no sweating involved or gym membership required!

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Prediabetes and Walking

All about Prediabetes and Walking

Did you know daily walking lowers your blood sugar? Even better, did you know daily waking can lower your fasting blood sugar too! Sounds like Prediabetes and walking need to go hand in hand! Read on to see how walking can help you get your blood sugar under control.

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walking prevents diabetes

Walking Prevents Diabetes & How I Got 10 Million Fitbit Steps in Two Years

Long ago I learned Walking Prevents Diabetes. So…two years ago I set my own goal –10 million fitbit steps in two years. Now my two years is up…I also just turned 50! Find out how I did and how you can reach your own walking goals too.

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Fitbit Step Goal

Fitbit Step Goal Update — August 2016

Here’s my Fitbit Step Goal Update. One month to go (and the 10 Million Fitbit Step Goal d-day). Read on to see what happened over the last two years…and if I’ll make my goal.

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Step Fitbit

10 Million Step Fitbit Goal — 75 Day Countdown

I’ve been working on a 10 Million Step Fitbit goal now for almost 2 years. By September 27th (my 50th birthday) my time will be up! Why is this important? Read on to find out the health benefits of stepping and why I’m doing this…

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