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Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers

Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers

My dark Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers won’t send your blood sugar soaring and they’re totally fun to make too! Fruit chunks drizzled with healthy dark chocolate sounds a match made in heaven!


If you’re scared of fruit and chocolate because you think you can’t eat either of them with Prediabetes… read on because you can eat both!

First let’s talk about dark chocolate….

Dark chocolate is very good for you! Dark chocolate even has antioxidants and fiber!

And most dark chocolate bars are very low in sugar, and some even use healthier coconut sugar or raw honey! 

So...is it ok to eat for a Prediabetic to eat a few pieces of dark chocolate even though there's a bit of sugar in it?

Yes! As long as you exercise self-control!

3 squares of dark chocolate a day is fine. You’ll see in my recipe for Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers the chocolate is NOT excessive.

You can learn more about Chocolate here.

Prediabetes and Fruit

Some ladies won’t eat fruit when they have Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance. This is VERY unwise as you need the antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber that is in fruit.

If you want to learn more about Prediabetes and Fruit you can read my blog post: Can I Eat Fruit With Prediabetes?

can I eat fruit with prediabetes

Trying to eat healthy all on your own is too darn hard.

In the Healthy U Group we encourage each other to eat better...

The Best Dark Chocolate For Drizzling

The easiest way to make the chocolate part of this recipe is to buy some quality dark chocolate bars and melt them!

There are literally hundreds of dark chocolate bars you can buy.

But as a helpful guide, I'll give you my favorites and let you know how much sugar is in them.

Joan's List of Dark Chocolate Bar Faves:

Ladies! Look for dark chocolate bars that have less than 3 grams carbs per square, that way you get some dreamy chocolate without raising your blood sugar.

Green and Blacks 70 Dark Chocolate
Lindt 90 Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar

Choosing Your Fruit

Choose good quality fruit that is NOT too ripe! Here are some of my favorites, but whatever kind of fruit you like is totally ok.

Again, if you are concerned about eating fruit check out: Can I Eat Fruit With Prediabetes?

Banana Resistant Starch
  • Bananas (bananas are TOTALLY ok, just past green. Read about what kind of bananas are ok here
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Grapes
  • Melon
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Pineapple

How To Melt The Chocolate

Melt your chocolate in a stainless-steel bowl, in a warm oven. Simply break up the bar into smaller pieces, put it in a stainless-steel bowl, and heat it in the oven on warm for 10 minutes. Your chocolate should totally melt to liquid. If it needs more time, leave it in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Melt Chocolate Bowl Oven

Making the Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers

You can either make the Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers before dessert is to be served OR let your guests do it themselves.

I let my guests participate because then each guest gets the fruit they really like AND it's also FUN to get to assemble your own dessert.

Of course, your guests will try to outdo each other with their fancy drizzling techniques and your immature smart-ass brother-in-law might even try to write swear words in chocolate. All totally fun! And totally yummy!

Make at The Table (your guests do it themselves)

  • Wash and cut your fruit in advance (before your meal) and have it all ready AND on a nice decorative platter. Note: any fruit that will go brown is better left to cut right before you serve. DRY fruit works better so make sure the fruit is NOT wet.
  • Have the chocolate all ready to be melted so you can pop it in the oven while the supper dishes are being cleared from the table.
  • Bring out your chopped fruit platter, your skewers, and your melted chocolate. This is time when your guest will get all excited! Let them ooh and aah. Then start assembling your fruit skewers, drizzling and of course…eating!
Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers

Make In Advance (you do it)

If you don’t trust your guest with a lot of pointy sticks and a bowl of warm chocolate assemble your Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers in advance.

  • Wash and cut up your fruit, making sure the fruit is dry.
  • Melt your chocolate as outlined above.
  • Assemble your Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers by placing the fruit on the skewer, lining up your Fruit Skewers on a parchment lined baking skeet and drizzling with chocolate.
  • Store in the fridge until you want to eat them.

Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers are best eaten with a few hours of when they are made. Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers really don’t keep well in the fridge overnight.

How Much Do I Make Per Person?

The Fruit: Prepare enough fruit that each person will get about 1 cup of fruit

The Chocolate: Each 3 oz bar will serve about 4 people.   

How Much Chocolate Drizzle Is OK To Eat?

Each tsp of chocolate is about ½ square of chocolate. So, if you have Prediabetes you can eat about 4-6 tsp. of chocolate drizzle on your fruit.

Enjoy eating your Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Skewers! They’re great for any special occasion!

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