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Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread

RECIPE: Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread (GF)

Think cinnamon raisin bread is a thing of the past? Not with my recipe for Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread! There is nothing more delightful than a hot piece of cinnamon flaxseed bread to make you feel wonderful as you sip your tea. It’s low carb too, so how can life get any better? Read on to find how to make these yummy fiber-filled-treats!

So how can life get any better than a cup of tea and a piece of cinnamon flaxseed bread? How about a freezer full of them so you can heat them up whenever you want a lovely snack? (takes about 5 minutes in the oven @ 200 degrees) or you can toast them too!

Warning! Your house will smell wonderful when you’re baking this cinnamon flaxseed bread!

Flaxseed Is Your Key To Better Health And Diabetes Prevention

Flaxseed is a superfood, and for good reason! It’s super low in carbs, and has been proven to lower blood sugars, lower A1C, reduce total cholesterol, triglycerides and much more!

Supplementation with FS [flax seed meal] reduced fasting blood glucose by 19.7% and glycated hemoglobin by 15.6%. A favorable reduction in total cholesterol (14.3%), triglycerides (17.5%), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (21.8%), and apolipoprotein B and an increase in high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (11.9%) were also noticed.

World Health Organization Open Research Study on Flax and Diabetes 

If you’ve already made my Flax Bread Recipe, you know it’s super yummy and very versatile. Basically, wherever you use bread, you can use my Flax Bread.

So now you can delight in another flaxseed treat — Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread!  Totally full of all the stuff in my regular Flax Bread Recipe and a few fibery raisins thrown in to give you vitamins and wee bit of sweet.

Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread Recipe

(makes about 32 buns)

What You Need: Two bowls, flexible spatula, wisk, blender (optional)


  • 4 cups golden flaxseed meal (golden flax meal makes a nicer looking bread, but brown flax meal works too)
  • 3 tsp. baking powder (Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 2/3 c. hemp hearts (hulled)
  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • 6 TBSP. cinnamon powder (yes…TBSP)
  • 2/3 cup raisins
  • 6 large eggs (no egg option below)
  • 3 cups water
  • 2/3 cup raw honey (don’t freak out, that is 1 tsp. of honey per serving = 4 grams carbs)


#1: Mix the dry ingredients with a wisk, in a large mixing bowl.
#2: Blend the water and honey, so you have a smooth liquid. Mix the honey/water liquid with the eggs (wisk).

Flax Bread Recipe

#3: Combine the liquid and the dry mix, mixing thoroughly.
#4: Test the batter, it will look like an oatmeal consistency. (if not, let it sit for 5 minutes)

Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread

#5: Measure 1/4 cup mounds onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Flatten to about 1/2 inch thick with a flexible spatula.
#6: Shape to the size of a hamburger bun.

Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread Recipe

#7: Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes (the honey reduces the cooking time compared to the Flax Bread Recipe, in case you are wondering).
#8: Cool and enjoy.

Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread Recipe

Recipe yields 32 Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread recipe ‘buns’.

No Egg Option: Add an additional 1.5 cups water. (1/4 cup per egg)

Storage: Store the Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread in the fridge for up to 5 days or in the freezer.

Serving Suggestion: Eat as you would cinnamon bread.

Breakfast Suggestion: Grab a bowl of my chia muesli, add some fruit and soy milk and have some Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread – a simple breakfast!

Food Prep Baking Tip: I premix my Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread Recipe (the dry stuff) so I can have a batch on the baking sheets and into the oven in about 10 minutes. Simply mix the dry ingredients and store in the freezer so you can grab a batch, mix the wet ingredients and get your Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread into the oven – quick!

Flax Bread Recipe


Nutrition: (just 9 NET carbs each!)  

Net carbs means:   Total Carbs – Dietary Fiber = Net Carbs  (you can’t digest dietary fiber so they don’t count as carbs)

Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread Nutrition

Grind Your Own Flax Meal To Avoid Rancidity

Flax seed meal can go rancid quite quickly. The easiest way to avoid this is to grind your own flax seed meal and then store your flax seed meal in the freezer!

NOTE: If your baked flax seed creations taste fishy your flax seed meal is rancid or you overcooked your flax creations (making the flax meal oxidize, which means rancid – DO NOT EAT IT!)

To avoid this issue…I grind my own golden flax seed meal with my Vitamix blender (takes about 30 seconds).

Bobs Red Mill Golden FlaxseedVitamix Blender
You can also grind flax seeds in a Spice and Nut Grinder. Remember to store your flax seed meal in the freezer!

Or if you’re not quite ready to grind your own flax, buy quality Flax Meal like Bob’s Red Mill.

Bobs Red Mill Golden Flaxmeal


This Cinnamon Flaxseed Bread Recipe is: G/F, D/F, Paleo, Low Carb, Veg with a Vegan Option.

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