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Diabetes and Potatoes

Diabetes and Potatoes: Why you should eat potatoes, 3 potato myths and the best kind of potatoes to eat.

Fad diets and the Internet are full of claims that you can't eat potatoes when you have Diabetes. Are any of these claims true? Are Diabetes and Potatoes a bad combination? Find out in this blog post!


I'll put your mind at ease right away...

Potatoes are NOT bad.

  • You can eat potatoes if you have Diabetes!
  • You can eat potatoes if you have Prediabetes!
  • AND you can eat potatoes if you have Insulin Resistance!

You are missing out on vital nutrients and healthy carbohydrates if you don't eat potatoes.

If someone is telling you that you can't eat potatoes, stop listening to their fad diet nonsense!

Health Benefits of Eating Potatoes

Potatoes are a superfood and the sooner you add potatoes to your Diabetes diet, the better!

Don't believe me?

Whole potatoes are a bounty of nutrition!


Potatoes are:

  • Nutrient dense (high in nutrition, low in calories)
  • Very filling so you tend to eat less (great for weight control)
  • High in natural fiber (good for heart health and digestive health)
  • High in resistance starch (good for gut health)
  • Fat free (0 calories of fat)
  • High in Vitamin C (good for immunity)
  • High in Vitamin B6 (good for the brain)
  • High in potassium (good for blood pressure)
  • Low in sodium (good for blood pressure)

"Diets containing foods that are good sources of potassium and low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke" (USDA FDA, 2016)

Did you know? Half of the fiber in a potato is in the skin? Always eat the skin!

People discouraging you from making the lifestyle changes you need to?

In the Healthy U Group we encourage each other to be healthy...

Now let's move along to the 3 potato myths. If you've fallen for any of these don't feel bad!

Potato Myth #1: Potatoes Are Full of Carbs, Which Is Bad

Whoever is telling you potatoes are high in carbs doesn't know what they are talking about!

You should be eating at least 150 net grams of carbohydrates per day. (see the chart below)

If you eat your 150 grams of carbs, your brain will work properly. (yippee!)

If you eat less, your brain will be starved for fuel and you'll give yourself glucose intolerance. (not good)

Diabetes Macros
Potato and a Penny

 Can you guess the carbs and nutrition in this cute red potato? (above)

Here are your choices:

A.  27 grams carbs, 3 grams fiber, 3 grams protein = 24 net carbs, 120 calories

B.  37 grams carbs, 4 grams fiber, 6 grams protein = 33 net carbs, 160 calories

C.  47 grams carbs, 5 grams fiber, 7 gram protein = 42 net carbs, 200 calories

So what's your answer? A? B? or C?

The correct answer is A.

That red potato has only 24 net carbs and 120 calories! (that's not much at all!)

As you can see, potatoes are NOT packed with carbohydrates!

Potato Myth #2: Eating Potatoes Causes Diabetes

Does eating potatoes cause diabetes? No!

In fact, there are NO published scientific studies that say eating potatoes causes diabetes. Like none, not even one!


If your friends or random people in a Facebook group are telling you that you can't eat potatoes, they don’t know what they're talking about...AND you should stop listening to them because they are confused or are following those fad diets that focus on ridiculous weight loss goals.

 Potatoes DO NOT cause Diabetes and are 100% totally good for you...as long as you eat the right kind of potatoes AND avoid overcooked potatoes.

(more on the right kind of potatoes in a minute)

Potato Myth #3 : Eating French Fries Is Ok Once In Awhile

Eating any kind of fried potatoes is NOT a good idea. Ever!


Fried potatoes are totally overcooked.

You can't get a fast-food french fry to have that crunchy outside and soft inside without cooking the crap out of them in VERY hot oil and at VERY high temperatures.

The problem is, that cooking method is very unhealthy and linked to many diseases like Diabetes and Heart Disease.

One of the best things you could EVER do is to NEVER eat fried potatoes or deep fried anything.

All deep fried foods are VERY bad for you, and the worst fried food of all is fried potatoes.

In an 8-year study of over 4000 people, those who ate the most amount of whole potatoes did NOT show an increased risk of dying...


The people who ate fried potatoes — French fries, hash browns, home fries and more — were more than 2x as likely to have died.

So that's the 3 internet myths about potatoes.

But what kinds of potatoes are ok to eat?

What Kinds of Potatoes Are the Best to Eat?

The best kind of potatoes to eat are:

  • Red or colored potatoes, with the skin
  • Baby potatoes, with the skin

Russett potatoes, however, can be a blood sugar nightmare...so AVOID russet potatoes! 

(Why are russets so bad? Because they have less fiber and more starch.)

Do you have more questions about Diabetes and Food? Click here.

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Recipes with Potatoes

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