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Should You Count Carbs

Prediabetes: Do You Need to Count Carbs?

Do you need to count carbs when you have Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance? That's one of the questions ladies ask me a lot!  Today you get the answer! (And a few surprises you probably didn't see coming.)


In today's blog post, find out:

  • Why counting carbs Is NOT a good idea for most women
  • What to do BEFORE you ignore my advice
  • Why FIBER is a better thing to count than carbs

What Joan Thinks About Counting Carbs

Okay, before we get too far into this blog post, I have to tell you that I think counting carbs is:

  • Unsustainable (let's be honest...you need something you can do forever, not a few weeks)
  • A recipe for frustration
  • A surefire way to take all the joy out of eating and food preparation
  • A way to spend a lot of time doing math (no offense, math geeks)
  • A way to guarantee you'll feel guilty and bad about yourself
  • A gateway to a possible future eating disorder

An eating disorder you ask?

I'm not joking... and I didn't make this up....

You already have a greater risk of getting an eating disorder when you have Diabetes, so why set yourself up for a disaster by adding carb counting to the mix?

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge-eating disorder are more common in individuals with diabetes than in the general population.

As well, all this carb counting is totally unnecessary anyway if you follow the 95-5 Wellness Solution - which is a healthy whole foods diet high in fiber.

(We'll talk more about fiber in a few minutes.)

To learn about how to eat a high fiber diet so you can reverse your high blood sugar AND insulin resistance, CLICK the image below...

I Know Some Ladies Won't Heed My Advice

Now, I know some ladies are NOT going to listen to my good advice and they'll count carbs anyway.

How do I know?

Because ladies tell me all the time that they are NOT going to listen to me!

(I still try to convince them though because I've seen a lot of damage from obsessively keeping track of food).

So, since I already know some of you won't listen...

...you must promise me, cross your heart and be honest, that you'll first take my test below BEFORE you choose to count carbs.

Why this little test?

Because you need to know there is such a fine line between benefit and obsession when it comes to counting carbs...

AND you have to be sooooooooo careful to not cross that line.


If you can't pass my test below, don't count carbs!

The "I Don’t Have Any Issues With Food or Myself" TEST

So, keeping in mind that counting carbs could inadvertently give you more problems than just Prediabetes...

...and keeping in mind that counting carbs could send you down the track to being miserable and getting a possible eating disorder...

...you owe it to yourself to answer this question for yourself, "Do you need to count carbs?"

And the way to answer that question is by passing my test, with NO questions answered with a '"Yes, that's me".

Okay, here's the test...

The "I Don't Have Issues With Food or Myself" TEST

If you have any of these, then counting carbs is definitely NOT a good idea for you:

  • You have a history of chronic dieting
  • You have a history of deliberately restricting food or types of food
  • You have repeatedly fasted or starved yourself to lose weight
  • You don’t like your body
  • You have taken appetite suppressing herbs, drugs or products in the past
  • You have a history of being obsessed with food quantities
  • You have a history of binge eating
  • You are a perfectionist
  • You have a history of excessive exercising
  • You test your blood sugar excessively (that is, more than in the morning and after meal times)
  • You have or had an anxiety disorder
  • You are often depressed
  • You are often secretive about what you eat
  • You love to follow rules and seek out rule-based diets
  • You have a history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • You have a history of behavioral addictions
  • You have been treated for an eating disorder

So, if you answered ''Yes, that's me" to even one question...

...then the answer to the question "Do you need to count carbs?" is a resounding NO!

Don’t even think about doing it.  

The good news is you actually don't have to worry about over eating at all...if you follow the 95-5 Wellness Solution that is.

With the 95-5, it's next to impossible to over eat. I’ll explain why below.

Trying to eat healthy all on your own is too darn hard.

In the Healthy U Group we encourage each other to eat better...

Will You Overeat If You Don't Count Carbs?

For millions of years, humans ate without the aid of a calculator, a scale or an app.

Yes, I know it's hard to accept that an app is NOT necessary, but it isn't!

The human body has hormones that tell you when you're hungry AND when you're full.

These "I'm hungry" and "I'm full” hormones work really well if you eat natural whole foods high in fiber.


Because natural whole foods that are high in fiber fill you up, so you naturally stop eating!

When you eat more fiber, you'll start recognizing your 'I'm full' feeling AND know when to put down your fork.

If You Ignore My Advice, Please Do This At Least 

Okay, at this point I know for a fact that some of you ladies still reading will also still choose to ignore my good advice to not count carbs...

...regardless of whether or not you passed the "I Don’t Have Any Issues with Food or Myself" test.

If that's you, then please at least use these following Prediabetes Macronutrient Guidelines when you plan your meals.

AND I stress the word "Guidelines".

These are not hard-and-fast rules you must strictly follow every day.

For example, if you eat a little less fiber one day, that's okay.

Or if you eat a little more than 200 grams of healthy whole foods carbs one day, that's okay too!

Prediabetes Macros

AND remember!

Your meal times should NOT be a math exercise with food scales AND calculators AND you spending all your time with your head buried in a food logging app.

Instead you need to be:

  • Enjoying your healthy high fiber meal
  • Enjoying conversations with your loved ones
  • Enjoying a few minutes of downtime as you relax and enjoy your healthy food

If You Want to Count Something, Count Fiber

Way back at the beginning of this post I mentioned that counting fiber is a much better exercise than counting carbs.

There is a very, very good reason for this.

AND you'll notice on my Prediabetes Macros Chart (above) that there's actually a line for fiber!

AND though most people don't know it...

...Dietary Fiber is an essential nutrient you need to be healthy!

If you skip eating fiber, you'll experience MANY, MANY, MANY health problems.   

So, if you really want to count something, start keeping track of the fiber you eat.

Fiber Supplements don't count as fiber FROM FOOD!

Instead, just keep track of the fiber from all the plants you're eating.

Do you want to know something? Nothing will help control your blood sugar better than eating lots of fiber.

Fiber is found in all plants. Veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, baby and red potatoes, squashes, whole grains, and beans and lentils all are rich with fiber.

ALL unrefined, unprocessed plants are totally full of fiber!

Do you wanna know what foods have NO fiber at all? 

(like not even a teenie-weenie bit...)

Meat, dairy, eggs and fat have NO fiber.

You'll have a heck of a time controlling your blood sugar if you eat no high-fiber foods that come from plants. You'll also increase your chances of getting cancer, heart disease and many other terrible chronic diseases.

How To Start Eating More Fiber

Ladies! Start slow when you increase how much fiber you eat.

Why? Because your gut microbes need time to adjust.

If you start sounding like a tuba (I mean farting a lot), then slow down on the fiber! 

Just add about 5 to 10 extra grams of fiber a day for two weeks.

And then increase by the same amount every two weeks, slowly getting up to at least 50 grams of fiber a day — everyday!

Increase your water intake too. You need way more water to digest all that fiber!

You can learn more about eating a high fiber diet here: Fiber and Prediabetes.

Prediabetes: Do You Need to Count Carbs? Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed my blog post Prediabetes: Do You Need To Count Carbs?

And I hope you seriously consider NOT counting carbs but rather counting fiber instead.

Your body will thank you for it and reward you with better blood sugar control!

Tired of being alone when going through this time of your life?

In the Healthy U Group we all go through it together...

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