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4 Habits for Easy Weight Loss & Better Blood Sugar Control

Ladies, did you know you can lose weight AND have better blood sugar control by changing HOW you eat your food? My 4 Habits for Easy Weight Loss & Better Blood Sugar Control make it easy to incorporate these changes into your meal-time.

You'll quickly see results too -- both on your waist-line and with your blood sugar.


Weight loss is NOT just about WHAT you eat!

Neither is blood sugar control.

A lot of weight loss and blood sugar control has to do with HOW you eat your food.

Why You Need To Eat Slower

Ladies, you've got to slow down when you eat. There is no way around it!

Your hormones can't work properly if you eat fast!

When your stomach is full, it releases hormones to tell your brain you are full and should stop eating...

...but it takes about 20 minutes before your brain gets the message.

So it's smart to eat slower, because then you'll have eaten less food by the time your brain gets the message to stop eating!

Over-eating happens when you eat fast, because your stomach's signal to stop eating comes too late!

Too bad! You've already eaten ALL the food (whether you really needed it or not).

Bottom Line:

  • If you eat quickly you'll have eaten WAY MORE FOOD before your brain gets the signal to stop! (in other words, you're actually full before you FEEL you're full)
  • Losing weight is next to impossible if you eat TOO MUCH.
  • Chronic over-eaters GAIN weight.
  • Excess weight makes your body LESS sensitive to insulin, which makes blood sugar control even harder.

It sounds like we need to start eating slower, Ladies!

But don’t worry. I'm going to give you some realistic ways to slow down in just a moment.

First I need to quickly tell you something about blood sugar control.

Food and Blood Sugar Control:

When you eat food, your body releases hormones that help to lower your blood sugar.

Insulin is ONE of those hormones.


There are other hormones that help lower blood sugar too!

  • The SLOWER you eat, the MORE these hormones are released
  • The FASTER you eat, the LESS these hormones are released

AND (here's a super bonus) these hormones SLOW down digestion too!

Slower digestion means a SLOWER and LOWER blood sugar response.

Basically, the slower you eat, the lower your blood sugar because:

  • You end up eating less
  • You release more blood-sugar-lowering hormones
  • You release more hormones that slow down your digestion

This all sounds wonderful!

Now, let's get on with the 4 Habits for Easy Weight Loss and Better Blood Sugar Control.

Eating Fast Means You Eat Too Many Calories

Habit 1: Chew Your Food At Least 20 Times

Turns out your mom was right! You need to chew your food more before you swallow it!


  • You'll eat a lot slower
  • You'll end up eating LESS! (so less calories)
  • You'll release MORE of your 'I'm full' hormones and MORE of your 'Lower my blood sugar' hormones



In a research study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition...

Compared with 15 chews, 40 chews resulted in:

  • lower energy intake (you eat less)
  • lower postprandial ghrelin (ghrelin is the 'hungry' hormone that tells you to eat, so less is better)
  • higher postprandial glucagon-like peptide 1 (slows your digestion, helps you feel full, lowers your blood sugar)
  • higher cholecystokinin (cholecystokinin promotes slower digestion and absorption of nutrients)

So it's smart to chew your food more if you want to control your weight AND your blood sugar!

40 chews (like in the study above) might be a bit much to start with, so focus on chewing your food 20 times or until it's totally liquid in your mouth.

Common signs of NOT chewing enough are:
 gas, bloating after meals and acid reflux (GERD).

Trying to eat healthy all on your own is too darn hard.

In the Healthy U Group we encourage each other to eat better...

Habit 2: Put Your Fork Down Between Bites

I don’t know how else to say it but...

Ladies, you tend to eat A LOT slower and chew your food more when you don't treat your fork like a shovel.


Let your fork rest on your plate between bites. This way you leave yourself lots of time to chew your food and SLOW down.

Habit 3: Stop When You're Full

I know your mom told you to eat everything on your plate...but you don't have to!

You'll have a hard time controlling your calories when you feel obliged to eat everything on your plate.

You'll also have a harder time with blood sugar control.

Only take what you really need...and if you're not sure, take less...or just STOP when you're full (but remember, you're actually full about 20 minutes before you'll FEEL full).

Stop When Full

Take Reasonable Portions:

Once you start changing your eating habits:

  • you'll get a better idea of HOW MUCH food you need to be eating
  • and you'll be happy to discover you take MORE realistic amounts of food on your plate

But until then, when you FEEL full, that's the time to stop (and again, remember, you're actually full about 20 minutes before you'll FEEL full).

And please...


If you've taken too much, save it for another meal or a snack.

Habit 4: Don't Drink Your Meals

We've already talked a lot about slowing down and chewing more.

But's there's something else we really need to discuss.

FYI...I’m warning you...some of you ladies won't like what I'm about to say.

Drinking your meals is TERRIBLE if you are trying to lose weight or control your blood sugar. It's truly terrible!! Don't do it!

No blender
OK, if you've got no teeth or you're an infant, you get my permission to drink your meals.

But for the rest of you ladies...DON'T DRINK YOUR ENTIRE MEAL.

A green smoothie is ok, only IF you eat something else that requires chewing AND you control your ingredients

Drinking food means you bypass most of the steps of digestion (this is NOT good!!)

Drinking full meals is a SUPER BAD idea because that's the opposite of eating slowly!

  • Blending up all your food means you don’t have to chew it! But digestive enzymes are released when you chew your food. No chewing = little to no enzymes. This means impaired digestion, which is super bad for Diabetics.
  • Drinking meals means your stomach is assaulted with an ENTIRE meal in just a few minutes! How would you know if you've eaten too much? Too late, it's already in your stomach!
  • Blending up all your food means your stomach it almost out of a job! This means NO churning of your food for hours and hours. You can expect ALL your meal's glucose to get into your bloodstream within just a few minutes. This means HIGHER blood sugar!

Ladies you need to know...

You bypass ALL the major digestion steps by drinking your entire meal:

  1. Chewing
  2. Most of the digestive enzyme release that helps you digest your food
  3. The churning of your meal in your stomach that can sometimes take HOURS
  4. The SLOW, natural release of glucose into your bloodstream.

I know gulping down an entire meal from a smoothie-mix is easy, but it's totally something your body is NOT prepared for...


...your blood sugar will be MUCH harder to control if you drink your meals.

Bottom line? Reserve meal-drinking for an emergency.

(And if that wasn't enough reasons, all those meal-replacement-smoothie-mixes are totally filled with a lot of junky ingredients besides. Your body needs real food...not powdered who-knows-what from a factory.)

4 Habits for Easy Weight Loss & Better Blood Sugar Control, Wrap Up

We've covered a lot of ground today!

I hope you WILL make the commitment to add these 4 habits for easy weight loss & better blood sugar control into your life.

If you want to reverse your Prediabetes, you must add these 4 Habits!

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