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Exercise During The Holidays

Why You Need To Exercise During The Holidays (and what to do)

The holiday season has is here! I'm sure you're busy buying gifts, preparing for holiday meals and reconnecting with family and friends. But with all the festivities, will you exercise during the holidays?


Ok, we all know the holiday season is a bit of a chaotic whirlwind of events...

...AND when it comes to getting exercise during the holidays, it's simply NOT high on the priority list for most women.

It's no surprise then that most ladies with Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance or even Type 2 Diabetes simply give up on getting any meaningful exercise during the holidays.

Is this a good idea? Is this ok?


NOT Getting Exercise for Days or Even Weeks Is a Terrible Idea

Unfortunately, NOT getting exercise during the holidays is really bad for you.


Well...a bunch of bad things happen to you (choose one or all of the below):

  • Weight gain that will be REALLY hard to lose
  • Higher A1c
  • Higher blood sugar
  •  Higher blood triglycerides
  • Higher cholesterol
  • Increased risk for chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke
  • Feeling totally terrible in your body
  • Feeling like giving up
You'll Gain Weight If You Don't Exercise During The Holidays

It sounds like NOT exercising during the holidays would be very foolish!

What Happens To Your Metabolism If You DON'T Exercise Over the Holidays?

When you don't exercise (or, in other words, you're sedentary), you don't need to eat as many calories.


Yup! It's true. When you don't move around much, your body needs LESS calories to keep going.

This news is especially important over the holiday season because you're also likely to eat MORE calories than you normally do!

This means you WILL gain weight!!!! 

Not exercising during the holidays is a recipe for weight gain that you'll have a heck of a hard time losing.

What Happens If You DO Exercise Over the Holidays?

You can do yourself a BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG favor this holiday season. You can get some exercise – every day!

The good news is that your exercise doesn't have to be long...but make sure it's at least 20 minutes...an hour would be even better!

AND don’t forget that walking counts as exercise!

Exercise During The Holidays - Go For A Walk

IF you get exercise every day, you'll be more likely to:

1) Keep your blood sugar under control

2) Keep your weight stable (especially if you exercise after a super big meal)

3) Have a restful sleep and wake up refreshed

4) Manage stress better (good to know, since the holidays are VERY stressful!)

5) Keep your immune system healthy (good to know 'cause of COVID-19)

6) Keep your metabolism from slowing down from lack of exercise

But if you DON'T get exercise every day you'll get the opposite, which is BAD...and you'll feel depressed and feel like giving up...which sucks big time.

Getting Exercise Every Day is a Decision You Make

It's interesting that no one would just decide to not shower over the entire holiday season...(well, I hope you wouldn't!!!).

But somehow we think getting exercise during the holidays is optional.

Exercise During The Holidays - Make Sure You Do It

Whether you want to hear it or not, you make the decision to exercise.

We all do!!!

AND...If you don't CHOOSE to NOT exercise, it's simply because you think something else is more important. 

Now, in some cases, something else might actually be more important...like going to work or caring for a child.

But in many cases, whatever you're doing is NOT more important (think Netflix, watching TV, internet surfing, playing games on your cellphone or other things you do when you feel lazy or bored).

  You'll be more likely to make the decision to exercise during the holidays if you stop thinking exercise is optional...because it really isn't. 

NOT exercising is worse for you than smoking!

"a sedentary lifestyle is worse for your health than smoking, diabetes and heart disease"  

– 25-year study of over 100,000 people. 
Journal of the American Medical Association, 2018

If you want to keep the weight off and stay on track to being healthy, you need to make time for exercise during the holidays.

Look, I know you might not want to hear this, but I want to give it to you straight.

You can miss a day here or there, but not more than a few days at a time and not frequently.

Simply put, you have to make time to exercise and consider it a priority, just like showering!

The ONE Exercise That Will Make the Biggest Difference on Big-Meal Days

OK, you already know that on the specials days you tend to eat more than you need.

But there's something you can do about it...

...AND you'll reap the benefits for many hours after too.

Do you want to know what it is?

Go for a BIG WALK after your BIG MEAL!

Exercise During The Holidays - Go For A Walk!

And even better yet, ask some of your family or friends to come with you!

Tour the pretty lights in your area or walk through some magical snow – just get outside and walk!

When you walk after a meal, it lowers your blood sugar for MANY HOURS after your walk is over! 

You'll even get better blood sugar control the NEXT DAY! 

Woo hoo!

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