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Fitbit Step Goal

Fitbit Step Goal Update — August 2016

Here’s my Fitbit Step Goal Update. One month to go (and the 10 Million Fitbit Step Goal d-day). Read on to see what happened over the last two years…and if I’ll make my goal.

Two years ago I got my Fitbit for my 48th birthday. How delighted and excited I was! After setting up my Fitbit…(it was easy by the way)…I happily started stepping. When I first started I didn’t bother to get the 10k steps everyday…but I always made up for it and totaled 70k steps per week…so my average was over the 10k.

But…day to day my stepping consistency sucked….and totally varied.

Then I researched this whole stepping thing and found out I wasn’t doing myself a favor by skimping on the steps one day and then making up for it the next. Bottom line…I needed to be more consistent and make the 10K steps/day goal important to me.

So I did.

See, I found out that you really need at least 10K steps of activity every day, not 5000 one day and then 15,000 the next. Or worse…not even remotely reaching 10K everyday…

Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes Prevention, Fitbit, 10000 steps/day, PowerInTheGroup.com, infographicPrediabetes, Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes Prevention, Fitbit, 10000 steps/day, PowerInTheGroup.com, infographic

Your body does not like being sedentary and it shows its displeasure by making you sick…really serious stuff too…like Type 2 Diabetes.

To boost my motivation and keep myself on track…I set a goal…10 million steps by birthday 50.

But let me back up a bit. I did some stuff first —

I Had To Do A Reality Check…

I looked at my average steps/day and figured out….if it was mathematically possible — if I continued stepping at my rate…if I could get to the 10 million…the numbers worked out…yes — it was possible and totally doable.

I even had some breathing room for the odd sick day and travel (both which happened…I was sidelined with an unexpected tooth extraction losing valuable stepping days…and I did some long-haul driving vacations with super long days in the car…)

So…I made sure my goal was realistic and doable.

That’s really important because a lot of times we set totally ridiculous goals that there is no way in hell we can ever reach. We totally set ourselves up for failure and depression before we even start.

I know a lot of people who do this with weight loss goals and Hemoglobin A1C goals. Totally unworkable and no way they can do it…even if they stopped eating all together!

So back to me…

So with my realistic goal in tow I stepped…and stepped…and stepped…and monitored my progress.

Every once in a while, I would get out the calculator and make sure I could still do it at my current average steps/day rate…which did fluctuate with the weather and with stuff that was happening with my life…But I always got at least 10K steps and most days a lot more.

You might be surprised…But I really didn’t think much about the 10 million number… knew I didn’t need to.

I just focused on the steps I needed to have per day…It was a much easier goal to work on. 10 million is just too big of number to think about, it’s too hard to make it real.

See…I knew the 10 million would take care of itself if I just stayed focused day by day…cause that’s how goal setting works.

  • Break it off into small chunks
  • Focus on those small chunks
  • Forget about the final destination

Just stay focused on the smaller steps of your big goal…

So here I am, in the final stretch, still focusing on my daily average and still stepping…

Want to step with me?

  1. Get yourself a Fitbit
  2. Join our Healthy U Group and we can be Fitbit friends!

Meet you on the stepping side…

I’ll keep you updated in my final laps to my Fitbit Step Goal d-day . Maybe I’ll finish early!

Oh, please weather gods… don’t rain all September!!!!

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