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How To Cook Beans For Diabetics

How To Cook Beans For Diabetics

Beans need to become your BFF in your fight against Diabetes. Known for their ability to lower blood sugar, help you lose weight and keep you healthy, beans have got to be part of your diet. And the more the better! But first you need to learn How To Cook Beans For Diabetics.


We all know eating lots of canned foods is not good you because of the salt and the BPA in cans. What’s a smart Prediabetic lady to do?

Well, did you know it’s VERY easy to cook beans yourself?

Dry beans are super cheap too! And cooked beans freeze well so you can cook your favorites in advance and freeze them.

It’s time to learn How To Cook Beans For Diabetics!

Cook Fibery Beans Yourself!

Cooking beans can be done one of three ways.

1. Stove Top – the ok but time-consuming method

2. Slow Cooker – the too-long method

3. Pressure Cooker – the quick and easy way to do it

Stove Top:

The stove method is difficult, requires you to spend hours supervising the stove, and quite often results in a boil-over mess.

Don’t get me wrong, you can cook beans on the stove. I did it for years.

But then I found a much better way to do it. More on how I cook beans in a minute. If you still want to cook beans on the stove I explain how further below.

Slow Cooker:

Cooking beans in a slow cooker doesn’t require you having to stick around home and supervise the stove - but it takes hours.

You can cook beans in a Slow Cooker. But as the name suggests...it’ll take all day. If you have all day and you want to cook beans in your slow cooker consult your manual on how to do it.

Now, we get to the easy way!

Pressure Cooker:

I have to warn you - this ain’t your mother’s pressure cooker that sat on the stove and would, from time to time, blow its little pressure gauge off and make a huge mess.

Times have changed and now pressure cookers quite happily sit on the counter and cook stuff really quick with little effort from you!

And the best pressure cooker out there is an Instant Pot.

To easily cook beans yourself you have to get one of these Instant Pots!

The Instant Pot is like a slow cooker/pressure cooker on steroids – it’s an electric pressure cooker and slow cooker in one that is self contained, programmable and even has a timer.

Instant Pot

It's So Easy AND Saves So Much Time!

(Once you get your Instant Pot you'll wonder how you ever survived without it!)  

Pop your soaked beans, tomatoes and spices in your Instant Pot in the morning and come home, from a hard day at work, to chili all cooked and ready for you! (or whatever else you'd like to have for dinner)

Yippee! You don’t have to watch it on the stove. It cooks all by itself! And it’ll never blow it’s top either!

It’s super easy to cook beans in an Instant Pot!

How To Cook Beans For Diabetics

1. Buy your dry beans (usually in the bulk of your grocer, or you can buy bagged)

2. Rinse your beans with water (look for tiny stones, you might see a few, remove them!)

3. Pop your beans in a large bowl with lots of clean water (5x as much water as beans)

4. Soak the beans overnight (countertop is fine, you don’t have to refrigerate them)

5. The next day...rinse your beans with water.

6. Use either the Stove Top Method or the Pressure Cooker - Instant Pot Method outlined below to finish the job.​

Stove Top Method:

  • Add your rinsed beans to a large pot of water, heat to a rolling boil and then turn down the temperature to a medium heat.
  • While cooking, prop the lid open a bit to release steam and to avoid boil-overs.
  • Check the beans every 30 minutes or so to see if they are done. Most beans will be cooked in an hour or two, depending on the size. Keep track of how long your beans take to cook with your stove and the level of heat you use so you know approximately how long it will take to cook your beans.
  • When the beans are cooked, add 1-2 tsp of salt to your beans/water and stir. Cool and use your beans in all your fibery blood-sugar-lowering creations like creamy hummus (yum!)

Pressure Cooker - Instant Pot Method:

  • Fill your Instant Pot with enough water to cover the beans plus 1 inch above.
  • When your Instant Pot is done and depressurized (takes a few minutes) add 1-2 tsp of salt to your beans/water and stir.
  • Once your beans are cooled you can add them to soups, stews or even on a salad.

And all of this just took a few minutes of cooking time!

How To Cook Beans For Diabetics

And your Instant Pot isn’t just for cooking your beans!

You can cook soups, stews, chili, dahl or whatever right in the Instant Pot (add your soaked beans and whatever else you like and away you go!). That’s right, from soaked beans to chili in about 45 minutes!

My Instant Pot is my absolute favorite kitchen appliance (don’t tell my Vitamix Blender or it will get jealous...lol!)

Instant Pot

How Many Beans To Soak:

Beans double in volume when cooked!

So, if you want 4 cups of cooked beans, soak 2 cups.

Remember you can freeze cooked beans, so it makes sense to cook a whole pot and save whatever you don’t use for another day or freeze.

Concerned About Farts?

Ok, fiber is great but stinking out your friends and family is not cool. SLOWLY increase your fiber and bean intake. You’ll find some beans sit totally well with you and others don’t - causing farts galore.

Make sure your beans are cooked! Beans should be buttery tasting and smooth, not fibery and hard to chew. The Instant Pot tends to give you more consistent results rather than the Slow Cooker.

Cooking your beans with a piece of dried seaweed (Kombu) greatly increases the digestibility of beans. You can find dried Kombu at a healthy food store (like Whole Foods) or online.


So that’s How To Cook Beans For Diabetics!

I hope you enjoyed this post. To learn more about eating beans to regain and nourish your health, download my 95-5 Wellness Solution Guide and join our ladies-only Facebook Group. Both are free!


Instant Pot

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