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What's Your Immunity Score?

What’s Your Immunity Score? Take the 2-Minute Test!


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Is your immune system in good shape? If not, you really need to know!


Because when germs get into your body, it's your immune system that's supposed to defend you from getting seriously sick...or maybe even having to go to the hospital.

So, what makes your immune system get out of shape?

These 4 big things:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • What you eat or don't eat
  • Your day-to-day lifestyle
  • Your age

Scientists and doctors know that those 4 big things ALL affect your immune system and how well it can protect you.

In other words, germs will hurt you more AND you'll get sicker if:

  • Your body is already sick with disease
  • You don’t eat healthy food
  • You don’t take very good care of your body
  • You're getting older

That also means you'll be forced to take more SICK DAYS and go to the HOSPITAL more. 

woman sick taking temperature

So, is YOUR immune system in good shape? How well can it protect you right now?

Now you can find out! 

Take Our Immunity Score Test

Our Immunity Score Test only takes about 2 minutes.

Simply read the questions below and pick the answers that best describe you.

(Want to know what the test is based on? Click here to see.)

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