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Ladies, your Insulin Resistance or Prediabetes will NOT be taking a vacation this summer... how can you enjoy yourself AND stay on the path to health?

With our online Stick-With-It Summer event!

Joan Pasay, Nutritional Therapist -- Helping women avoid diabetes

Joan Pasay, MDN
Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist

Summer is one of the biggest threats to a woman's health:

  • Disrupted eating times make you gain weight
  • Disrupted sleep patterns make you overeat
  • Disrupted exercise habits rob you of healthy blood sugar control
  • Disrupted schedules pile on even more stress than usual

Not to mention that summer usually means lots of food that hurts you.

Soda. Chips. Ice cream. BBQ. Alcohol. You name it, summer has it!

So when you add it all up, it's just SO easy to lose focus over the summer.

And it's SO easy to stop doing all the good things that support your health.

All of this is totally normal. And expected.

Of course you're going to take some holidays. And have schedule disruptions.

Your routine will probably get upset more than once...and that WILL make it hard to keep doing all your "health stuff".

Yes, that's all totally normal and expected...but it DOESN'T mean you're powerless to do anything about it.

It also doesn't mean you're off the hook and can just let your health suffer for the next two months.

None of us can afford that.

Like I said, your Insulin Resistance or Prediabetes will NOT be taking a vacation this summer... that means you can't let down your guard!

Yes, you can still take a summer vacation to rest, but... also need to keep SOME of your focus on protecting your health!

But is that even possible? Especially with all the summer disruption?

Yes, it IS possible...

...but only if you have a way to stay focused that's also flexible enough to handle anything the summer throws at you.

That's exactly why during July and August we'll be having a special online event with ladies like you in the Healthy U Group...

Stick With it Summer 2020

Our Stick-With-It Summer event ​will keep you focused but while being flexible enough to let you enjoy the matter what it throws at you.

Think of it like a tiny angel on your shoulder all through July and August, gently nudging you to take small and easy actions around: 

  • eating food that helps you (and that tastes great!)
  • getting your body moving (with no sweat involved!)
  • keeping up healthy habits (little things that make a big difference!)

We've put together 60 of these small and easy actions for you to choose from.

Stick-With-It Summer tracker

Our goal during the summer will be to do as many of these actions as we can...and the more YOU do, the better. (Think you can do more than 60? Then better yet!)

But that's just one part of the Stick-With-It Summer event.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll get:

  • Live Video Q&A Sessions (July 30th & Aug. 27th): Get your questions answered live! We'll all get on the calls together (by phone or computer) for a full hour to learn about ways to stay on track and to ask questions.
  • Daily Status Check Ins: Have a question? Feeling stressed? Confused? Let the group know! These quick chats in our private Facebook Group help us support each other.
  • Stick-With-It Summer Tracker: Print if off, fill it in, measure your progress! Because if you don't measure what you're doing, you likely won't do it. That's why this tracker is so important!
  • Earn Your Badge: The more active you are, the better the badge you'll earn! Will you get the bronze? Silver? Gold? Or even Platinum? These badges are a fun way to keep you motivated all summer long.
Badge - Bronze
Badge - Silver
Badge - Gold
Badge - Platinum

And here's what you WON'T get with the Stick-With-It-Summer event:

  • You WON'T Get Get Locked In To Any Particular Activity At Any Particular Time: This event gives you the flexibility you need during the summer! Don't have as much time one week? No problem, just do what you can. Have a few hours some afternoon? Perfect, pick whichever activities work for you!

So, how do you join us for the Stick-With-It Summer event?

Well, it's ONLY available to ladies in our Healthy U Group, or as we like to call it, the HUG

HUG - keeps you on track

We developed the HUG to help women reverse their Insulin Resistance, Prediabetes or even Type 2 Diabetes.

So, on top of getting the help of the Stick-With-It Summer event, you'll also get access to all the regular Diabetes-prevention benefits of being in the HUG, like:

  • HUG Private Facebook Group: a safe and positive place where us ladies encourage each other and stay motivated!
  • The HUG Video Vault: watch hours of easy-to-understand training about getting and staying healthy
  • HUG Points: the more you participate, the sooner your HUG Points turn into membership discounts!

And that's just some of the benefits our HUG Sisters enjoy all year long through our Healthy U Group!

HUG features and benefits

And here are the kinds of results our women get...

Reversing Prediabetes - testimonial

If you don't want to be sick, then one of the smartest things you can do is keep SOME of your focus on protecting your health this July and August.

Because once the summer is over, you're going to find yourself in one of two places...

  • SAD to see how your health has been ignored and hurt


  • PROUD to see how you've been really good to your health

Sad or's up to you.

If you want to feel PROUD, then the Stick-With-It Summer event is for YOU!

Yes, it will take some effort. But that just means YOU need what WE ALL need: direction, accountability and a little friendship!

That's exactly what you get with the Stick-With-It Summer event when you join our ladies-only Diabetes prevention Healthy U Group!

Stick With it Summer 2020

You can't make a mistake by giving the Healthy U Group a test drive thanks to our 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

So join now before you miss out!

Reversing Prediabetes - testimonial

Here's to seeing you healthier and happier with the help of the Stick-With-It Summer event and the Healthy U Group!

Joan Pasay, Nutritional Therapist -- Helping women avoid diabetes

Joan Pasay, MDN
Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist

P.S. The Healthy U Group keeps you on track so you reach your health goals as quickly as possible. I should know, after years of exclusively helping women like you use a simple sustainable lifestyle to reverse their Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance or even Type 2 Diabetes...and to stay healthy through the summer!

Our 30-day no-risk 100% money-back guarantee means you can't make a mistake investing in your HUG click the button below to start enjoying your no-risk HUG experience.

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