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Online Diabetes Prevention Program December 2020 update

Healthy U Group: Online Diabetes Prevention Program December 2020 Update

Diabetes doesn't take a holiday...so all December long we're still focused on preventing Diabetes in our Online Diabetes Prevention Program...the Healthy U Group!


The holiday season can be rough for women with Prediabetes.


Well, for most families the holiday season looks like this:

  • There's a ton of high-calorie sugary food everywhere
  • Lounging around on the couch is pretty much expected
  • Staying up and late and sleeping in happens way too often

All this adds up to a super big weight disaster AND getting closer to having Diabetes come January!

Holiday Meal Planning and Prediabetes

No worries though...

...in our online Diabetes Prevention Program (Healthy U Group) we're focused on having a healthy weight AND preventing Diabetes no matter what the season...

..AND we're focused on having a great holiday season with lots of:

  • Yummy healthy food
  • Daily exercise
  • And a healthy sleep schedule

This is all the stuff you have to work on to prevent Diabetes from happening to you!

The Healthy U Group Ladies Are Staying Focused By Playing a Game in December!

No holiday season is complete without playing games.

So all December long we're playing Holiday Health BINGO in our Online Diabetes Prevention Program - the Healthy U Group!

And our Holiday Health BINGO is SUPER special because it helps you:

  • Maintain your weight (or even lose some if you need to)
  • Stay focused on Diabetes prevention all month long!
Holiday Health BINGO

Wanna Join Our Healthy U Group Fun?

You can! Joining the Healthy U Group is SUPER easy!

And once you're a member you can work on preventing Diabetes too!

Our Online Diabetes Prevention Healthy U Group is ONLY for women...so, sorry guys, but you can't join!

Our Healthy U Group is designed to get you working on preventing Diabetes every day...

...so each week we focus on 3 mini assignments and talk to each other every day in our private Facebook Group.

AND we meet up on ZOOM calls too so you can get your questions answered live!

Join us and we can ALL prevent Diabetes together!

To learn more about our Online Diabetes Prevention Program - Healthy U Group, CLICK HERE

To join our Online Diabetes Prevention Program - Healthy U Group - right now, CLICK HERE

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