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Prediabetes and Alcohol

Prediabetes and Alcohol: Can I Drink Alcohol If I Have Prediabetes?

Prediabetes and Alcohol...To drink or not to drink...that is the question...but what is the answer? This is such a loaded question! What do you think? Should you drink if you are Prediabetic or have Insulin Resistance? Read on to find out...


Updated: January, 2021

While you’ll likely see many internet sites and research studies promoting alcohol as a source of antioxidants, surprisingly you never see them recommending a person start drinking...

Nor do we ever see doctor’s recommending we wean our teenagers onto booze as a source of nutrition...

AND once put to the test, most wines have so little antioxidants you’d have to drink bathtubs full to get any results.

So if you're drinking alcohol and thinking you're fighting inflammation you likely aren't....

So...Does Drinking Alcohol Do Anything Bad?



  • Raises blood fats (a diabetic certainly doesn’t want this to happen)
  • Causes wild blood sugar swings (again not something you want)
  • Is full of empty calories (so…not a weight loss remedy)
  • Raises blood pressure (nobody wants to have higher blood pressure)
  • and…of course, alcohol can also bring about addiction issues that aren’t pretty

So armed with those nasty bits of info – what do you do with Prediabetes and Alcohol?

Alcohol Calories

Prediabetes and Alcohol

Alcohol goes along with many social situations...and I’m not talking about raucous frat parties where someone's beloved child a.k.a. ‘a new college freshman’ is getting blitzed, making out with strangers, streaking and puking on the dean’s lawn.

I’m talking about dinner parties...meeting up with friends...special occasions...weddings...Christmas...that after work glass of wine.

If you drink daily, you really want to ask yourself,

"Do I want to disrupt my blood sugar continually? OR gain weight simply from drinking????"

If you drink heavily on the weekend, again...do you really need to? (or at least that much?)

This all all comes down to being healthy and making decisions that will make sure your years left on this planet are the best they can be.

You have decide how much regularly drinking alcohol is worth to you and what you are willing to risk.

A special occasion here and there? Total fine.

Everyday? NOT ok.

Heavy drinking on the weekend? Really NOT ok.

Drinking when you are trying to prevent Diabetes...Super NOT ok...

So...What Does The American Cancer Society Recommend?

Alcohol has also been directly linked to the following cancers:

  • Oropharynx
  • Larynx
  • Esophagus
  • Liver
  • Colon
  • Rectum
  • Breast

In updated cancer prevention guidelines released June 9 2020...the American Cancer Society now recommends that "it is best not to drink alcohol."

So if you're concerned about cancer...alcohol is REALLY not recommended for ANYONE.

And if you want to make your life easier when you're trying to prevent Diabetes...just skip the booze.

AND...Does Joan drink alcohol? NOPE!

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As a Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist I felt compelled to start Power In The Group. Why? To guide and support women like you with Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance so you can regain and nourish your health...without all the confusion. Together we can enjoy the richest quality of life for ourselves, with our families, and within our society...wanna come along?

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