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Prediabetes and Chocolate

Prediabetes and Chocolate: Can I Eat Chocolate?

Did you know chocolate is Diabetes friendly and actually helps your heart be healthy? Yup! But not all chocolate is okay! Learn which kind of chocolate is okay and which is not in Prediabetes and Chocolate: Can I Eat Chocolate?


Ok, you're probably totally excited to find out Prediabetics can eat chocolate!

Who wouldn't be?

Can't you just feel that mouth-watering goodness right now as you're reading this?

I can!

But wait! There's a few things you need to know about chocolate!

Before you run out and buy up all the cheap Halloween candy, you need to know...

...there's a BIG difference between DARK chocolate and MILK chocolate...AND only one of them is okay for you to eat.

Dark Chocolate Vs. Milk Chocolate: What's the Difference?

Basically, DARK chocolate is totally awesome for you and MILK chocolate is total crap.


The health benefits from chocolate come from the cocoa (or as some people call it, 'cacao').

The problem is...there is barely ANY cocoa in MILK chocolate. Instead you're really just eating a bunch of sugar, oil, milk and processed stuff.

MILK chocolate is super high in refined carbs too! (That's bad.)

But with DARK chocolate, the majority of what you're eating is pure, antioxidant-rich, heart-healthy cocoa.

You can safely eat a few pieces of DARK chocolate every day!

See for yourself here....

dark chocolate vs milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate: It's Awesome for You!

Dark chocolate is a nutrition powerhouse. It's actually called a superfood, like blueberries and cranberries!

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Dark Chocolate:

  • is high in antioxidants (fights inflammation in your body)
  • is high in fiber (lowers your blood sugar)
  • is high in minerals (lowers your blood sugar)
  • has 50 to 90% cocoa (this is the good part of chocolate)
  • is high in flavanols, which increase insulin sensitivity, which means you have less chance of Diabetes, which is awesome!

"The evidence from these studies suggests that cocoa {dark chocolate} may be useful in slowing the progression to Type 2 Diabetes and ameliorating insulin resistance in metabolic syndrome."

Use Of Dark Chocolate For Diabetic Patients: A Review Of The Literature And Current Evidence. Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives. 2017.

Research also suggests dark chocolate may:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Decrease your risk of irregular heartbeat
  • Promote healthy blood vessels

Raw chocolate has more antioxidants than blueberries, cranberries, and pomegranates!

(cacao nibs with your muesli sounds like a great idea)

Milk Chocolate: It's Terrible, Terrible Stuff - Yuk!!!

Milk chocolate is processed junk! There's no way around this.

You need to avoid milk chocolate. It's NOT your friend!

You won't get ANY of the antioxidant potential of chocolate if you eat MILK chocolate – you'll just be eating sugar, milk and processed stuff.

Prediabetes and Chocolate, milk chocolate is junk

Milk Chocolate:

  • is packed with sugar or sugar alcohols and/or fake sugar
  • is packed with preservatives
  • has only 10 to 50% cocoa (this is the good part of chocolate)
  • is high in dairy (which is inflammatory)

Cheap chocolates (think junk Easter eggs and bunnies) contain butter fat, vegetable oils, artificial colors, artificial flavors, wax and sometimes NO cocoa at all!

Do yourself a favor and pledge with me right now, "I will NEVER eat milk chocolate again!"

Not Sure What to Buy?

So, now that we know DARK chocolate is awesome for us...it's time to buy some!

When you're buying your stash of dark chocolate, choose dark chocolate bars with cane sugar or coconut sugar and NO preservatives.

Green and Black's and Lindt are good choices.

If you're in Canada, you can also get Zazubean.

Green and Blacks 70 Dark Chocolate
Lindt 90 Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar
Zazubean Dark Chocolate

Want to bake or cook with dark chocolate?

Choose raw cacao powder and raw cacao nibs.

Cacao nibs are pieces of dark chocolate with NO sweetener.

Cacao Powder BUY
Cacao Nibs

Recipes with Chocolate:

This blog post about Prediabetes and Chocolate would not be complete without some recipes! Check 'em out below, Ladies!

Wrap Up: Prediabetes and Chocolate

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about Prediabetes and Chocolate.

What great news! It's totally okay to eat DARK chocolate!

Guess what I'm having for dessert tonight? A few squares of dark chocolate! (My heart and blood vessels will love me for it!)

Enjoy your DARK chocolate!

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