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Prediabetes and Dates: Can I Eat Dates?

A lot of ladies are shocked when I tell them they can eat dates! My lady friends mistakenly argue dates are too sugary. Turns out that dates don't raise your blood sugar much and they help you control your blood lipids too! So Prediabetes and Dates are ok!

Still don’t believe me? Let's look at the science behind blood sugar control and dates.


How Can Such a Sugary Fruit Be Ok To Eat?

The answer is simple! It's the plant fiber that slow down how fast you digest the sugar in the dates!

Dates are full of fiber, which is super cool because...

You get a SLOW and MINIMAL blood sugar response, which is totally the way nature intended!

Ladies, you can be rest assured I know what I'm talking about because I only say what the science says:

YOU CAN EAT DATES (and should).

You'll see below that I've referred to some scientific studies about eating dates and how blood sugar control remains stable.

"Consumption by DIABETIC INDIVIDUALS does not result in significant postprandial glucose excursions. 

These findings point to the potential benefits of dates for diabetic subjects when used in a healthy balanced diet."

Glycemic Indices Of Five Varieties Of Dates In Healthy And Diabetic Subjects. Nutrition Journal. 2011;10:59.

This is fantastic news! And it turns out eating dates helps blood fat issues too!

Dates and Blood Lipids (Blood Fats)

Dates are also full of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, which are the very things you need to prevent blood fat problems (cholesterol, triglycerides), heart disease and stroke.

Yippee! You get a natural sweet treat and your blood fat issues get better too!

"The consumption of dates may be of benefit in glycaemic and lipid control of diabetic patients."

The Glycaemic Index Of Dates And Date/Yoghurt Mixed Meals. Are Dates ‘The Candy That Grows On Trees’? European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, 2003 Mar;57(3):427-30.

This news about dates is so cool!

But what's a suitable serving? Can you eat too many dates?

OK, eating dates from sunrise to sunset would not be a good idea...all that fiber would send you running to the bathroom!

(Dates do have a similar effect as prunes but to a much, much, much lesser extent.)

What's a Suitable Serving of Dates?

3 or 5 dates is a suitable serving.

I often chop up a few dates and eat them as a snack with some chopped almonds or roasted sunflower seeds. Dee-lish!

Sweet Treat Recipes With Dates

My homemade Yum Balls taste like a homemade Larabar. You can't tell the difference!

And my Date Cookies remind me of a special cookie my mom used to make at Christmas!

You can check out those recipes by clicking on the images below...

Recipe - Chocolate Yum Balls
Date Cookies Recipe

Trying to eat healthy all on your own is too darn hard.

In the Healthy U Group we encourage each other to eat better...

Replacing Sugar With Dates in Cooking and Baking

You can replace sugar with dates in most baked goods and things you cook on the stove. Even pancakes!

It's easy to convert your favourite recipes to use dates instead.

Simply take the measurement of sugar you would normally use and replace it with the equal measurement of dates.

To make sure the dates get all mixed into your recipe -- blend your dates with your liquid. And then mix your liquid with your dry mix.

For example:

If your recipe calls for using 1/4  cup sugar...measure 1/4  cup dates (squish them in the measuring cup)  and blend them with your liquid.

If your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of sugar = 1 or 2 dates

I use dates in this recipe for Cornmeal Muffins.

AND don't forget to make sure your dates have the pits removed.

Cornmeal Chia Muffin

Prediabetes and Dates Wrap Up

So, dates are more than ok to eat when you have Prediabetes! Excellent!

I think I'll go eat a few right now. Talk to you later!

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