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Prediabetes and Potatoes

Prediabetes and Potatoes: Are Potatoes Ok to Eat?

Many ladies tell me they haven't eaten a potato since they got diagnosed with Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance. Are potatoes bad? Do you have to avoid them? Today I'll tell you if Prediabetes and Potatoes are ok together...AND tell you what you can eat and what you can't.


Potatoes have gotten a bad rap lately and most of it is total nonsense! Some people even say eating a potato is the same as drinking soda!

I have to tell you ladies...potatoes are VERY healthy for you!

Some potatoes are much better than others, AND some ways of cooking potatoes are WAYYYY better for blood sugar control. I'll talk about that in a bit...

But first...

We need to talk about all the good stuff in potatoes.

Potatoes are a Nutrition-Packed Powerhouse

1. Potatoes Have More Potassium Than A Banana! (potassium lowers blood pressure and blood sugar)

In fact, in a study of over 12,000 people, the incidence of diabetes went UP as potassium levels went DOWN!

And doctors have linked Type 2 Diabetes to low levels of potassium.

2. Potatoes Are An Excellent Source Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency has been linked to poor blood sugar control. Low Vitamin C levels are also linked to inflammation (which you've got tons of because of your Insulin Resistance).

3. Potatoes Are A Good Source Of B Vitamins

B vitamins are essential for proper metabolism INCLUDING blood sugar control. Low Vitamin B6 is linked to nerve damage in Type 2 Diabetes.

4. Potatoes Are A Great Source Of Essential Minerals

Low magnesium has been linked to Type 2 Diabetes and is essential for proper blood sugar control. Proper mineral balance is also essential for healthy blood pressure levels. High Blood Pressure is linked with Type 2 Diabetes.

Prediabetes and Potatoes & Blood Sugar Control

A lot of ladies tell me potatoes spike their blood sugar.

Ok, first you need to make sure you are testing your blood sugar with the APPROVED after-meal blood sugar recommendation which is:

Under 140 mg/dL or 7.8 mmol/l: 2 hours after you start eating.

You can learn more about testing your blood sugar here.

So... once you're good to go with testing your blood sugar at home, here are some tips for eating potatoes and getting a really nice AND heathy blood sugar readings after your meals.

Avoid Fried Potatoes and Large Baked Potatoes

Some potatoes, like fried potatoes, will affect your blood sugar quite quickly, and you need to avoid those FOR SURE!

Eating fried foods will increase your risk of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke.

Fried foods are totally bad for you and you need to STOP eating them right away.

To learn more about what you should and should not eat, check out our 95-5 Wellness Solution.

There's lots of help with healthy food choices and a big list of what you need to avoid if you want to reverse your Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance.

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So, back to potatoes!

Other types of potatoes MIGHT affect your blood sugar beyond healthy levels. The potatoes that are most likely to do this are Russet potatoes.

Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes are the kind you would normally bake.

Farmer's grow Russet potatoes to be HIGH in starch and in LOW in fiber.

Why? Because baked Russet potatoes taste SOOOOOO creamy because of the high starch and low fiber... and people like this...but your blood sugar sure as heck doesn't.

Take a pass with Russet potatoes. DO NOT EAT russet potatoes!

Red and Baby Potatoes Are Your Friends

Unlike the starchy-Russet-potato-blood-sugar-bombs, there are other potatoes that are very LOW in starch and HIGH in fiber.

The potatoes I'm talking about are Red Potatoes and Baby Potatoes.

Low on the Glycemic Index and full of vitamins and nutrients, red and baby potatoes are your new BFF.

Colored potatoes are high in antioxidants too! (that's good)

(You need lots of antioxidants when you have blood sugar control problems.)

Baby Potatoes Safe Diabetes

Baby potatoes come in all sorts of colors, even purple!

AND they're not only cute on your plate, but totally 100% AOK for you to eat too!

Baby Potatoes Nutrition
Red Potato Skin

A suitable serving of baby potatoes is 6 medium sized baby potatoes.

A suitable serving of red potatoes is 1 medium sized potato.

How NOT to Cook or Eat Your Potatoes

We've already talked about fried potatoes raising your blood sugar very rapidly. Some other forms of cooking potatoes can have an increased blood sugar response too:

  • Mashed Potatoes (this is like eating baby food!) Since your stomach doesn’t have much digesting to do, your blood sugar is affected quickly.
  • Overcooked PotatoesAny overcooked carbohydrate will raise your blood sugar faster than raw or carbs cooked to be done (but still firm and holding their shape). Don't bake or boil the heck out of your potatoes. If your baked potatoes are deflated and the insides are mush, your potatoes are overcooked. If your boiled potatoes are super soft, they are overcooked.
  • Don’t Drench Your Potatoes with Fatty Things Like Butter and Cheese: 6 baby potatoes are only 100 calories! But add one TBSP of butter and your calories jump to 220! Add 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese and calories jump to 255!
Joan Tip Eat Potato Skins

Prediabetes and Potatoes Are Totally Ok Together!

So there you have it! Prediabetes and Potatoes do go together!

Full of nutrients that will help you lower your blood sugar, potatoes need to be part of your Diabetes Prevention Diet.

Just remember!

No Russet potatoes, overcooked spuds, or goopy fatty stuff drenched all over your potatoes

Watch for a great potato recipe next week AND a secret to lowering your blood sugar EVEN more when you eat baby potatoes!

Did A Keto Person Tell You Not to Eat Potatoes?

Many low carbers, like keto people, will tell you that potatoes are straight from the pit of hell AND that you should not eat them if you have Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance or even Type 2 Diabetes.

I've got news for you!

They don't know what they are talking about! 

Keto and low carb people want you to think carbohydrates are bad and eating tons of fat is good!

Which isn't true at all! 

The keto and low carb people are confused by:
* Junk science
* Fad diet books
* Facebook groups run by unqualified people trying to make $$ off suckers
* YouTube videos
* Keto forums 

Don't believe the hype. A low carb or keto diet will hurt your body!

(so go ahead and eat your potatoes!!!!!)

Potatoes are a very healthy, very nutritious whole food that promotes weight control, better blood sugar control and over all health. You would be VERY wise to eat potatoes.

In fact, whole potato consumption HAS NEVER been linked to causing Diabetes.

French fries? Yes! Fried foods, including french fries are linked to Diabetes.

Whole potatoes? No! Eating whole potatoes has ONLY ever been linked to being healthy.

To learn more about how eating healthy whole food carbohydrates will help you reverse your Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance or even Type 2 Diabetes, click below.

Prediabetes and Carbs

To learn more about the keto diet and the terrible things it will do to your body, click here.

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