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95-5 Wellness Solution Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas

Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas: What to Eat for Breakfast When You Have Prediabetes

Ladies, when you have Prediabetes, the last thing you want to do is make it worse. You need healthy Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas! Read on to find out what you need to eat to keep your blood sugar stable and start the day out right. (Watch the video below too)!


Out of control Prediabetes means you’ll MOST LIKELY get Type 2 Diabetes – for life. 

Like it or not...you have a 70% chance of getting Diabetes if you don't do anything about your Prediabetes...

What Is Prediabetes?

With Type 2 Diabetes you also get sick with other stuff too...like:

  • You can get heart disease (very common)
  • You can have a stroke (very common)
  • You can get nerve damage (very common)
  • You can get liver damage and/or fatty liver disease (very common)
  • You can get kidney disease (very common)
  • You can get eye damage (this can lead to blindness)
  • You can get hearing problems (this can lead to deafness) 
  • You can get Alzheimer's disease and/or dementia
  • You can get certain cancers

Diabetes increases the risk of certain cancers like  -- liver, pancreas, breast, bladder, colon-rectum, lung and endometrial cancer.  

Does this all sound as $#itty to you as it does to me?

Then read on to find out how to prevent these terrible things from happening to you...and how your breakfasts can help you along the way.

5 Quick Facts About Blood Sugar Control

I assume you want to know HOW to regain your health.

I also assume you want to know HOW to prevent yourself from getting Type 2 Diabetes complications.


Woman Sitting on Bench Heart Attack

Well, then you need to know these 5 quick facts about blood sugar control.

FACT #1: You don’t have to have blood sugar problems! It’s really your body’s way of saying, ‘Hey! Whatever you’re doing, stop it. I can’t handle it.

FACT #2: Refined carbohydrates quickly spike your blood sugar...so don't eat them... especially for breakfast! (so this means NO refined carbs like boxed cereal, coffee shop food, muffins, bagels and breakfast bars!)

FACT #3: Weight problems and constant blood sugar problems usually go hand in hand because excess sugar in the blood usually gets stored as fat.

As if Facts #1, 2 and 3 weren't important enough, this is the part you really need to pay attention to...

FACT #4: If you eat so that you never have high blood sugar, you likely won’t store excess fat.

FACT #5: Your goal MUST BE to eat so your blood sugar is always stable...which means you have to eat a high fiber whole foods diet! (and stop eating the processed stuff)

Luckily there’s an easy way of doing this. Honest!

And here it is...

You Need To Eat 95-5 Wellness Solution Way

The 95-5 Wellness Solution is a high fiber whole foods way of eating and we only eat a little bit of meat (or you can choose to eat no meat at all).

AND -- If you’ve never heard of the 95-5 Wellness Solution, you can read more about it here

Once you download your FREE copy...(yes we give it away for FREE) you'll find Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas!

(you'll also find Lunch and Supper ideas, sugar info, snack ideas and even instructions on what to do when you eat out!)

If you’re already up to speed on being a 95-5'er, let’s get right to breakfast.

Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas: The 95-5 way

Once you download the 95-5 Wellness Solution you'll see there are tons of things you can eat for Breakfast!

You'll see you can eat lots of yummy things like whole grains, eggs, fruit, veggies, nuts and even green smoothies!

There’s lots of variety in the 95-5 Wellness Solution. You definitely don’t have to eat the same thing everyday!

You can make healthy whole grain hot cereal with berries or spices and my fiber booster...or...try making:

Just remember no processed stuff like packaged cereals, coffee shop food or the worst meal of all...not eating anything at all!!!

(ladies...don't skip meals, or fast...it's super foolish and  soooooooooo TERRIBLE especially for women!)

Want to Know What NOT to Eat for Breakfast?

Don't worry we give you a list of stuff NOT to eat too!  

(it's all the processed, manufactured stuff that will make you have terrible blood sugar and gain weight...so the sooner you stop eating those types of foods the better)

Want to get going on eating a healthy high fiber whole foods Breakfast?

Then click on the image below and get your own copy of the 95-5 Wellness Solution. It is FREE...so...what are you waiting for??????

Need More Food Help? (most women do...)

HUG - keeps you on track

Join our women only Diabetes Prevention Healthy U Group AND see what the HUG sisters are making for breakfast!

We practice making healthy food, getting daily exercise and MUCH, MUCH more! We even have live call-in events where we all talk together!

If you feel like you're all alone AND really would like to go through this with other women who are having the same issues as you --- then the Healthy U Group is for you!

Wanna Watch a Video About the 95-5?

We have Live monthly video sessions in our Healthy U Group and the other day we talked about the 95-5 Wellness Solution!

Now, this video is normally only available to women in our Healthy U Group...

...but to help the greatest number of ladies possible, I decided to make that video available to anybody who wants to watch it. You don't have to opt-in, sign up, or anything like that.

The video is below. My gift to you. I know it will help!

Need More Food Help Right Now?

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As a Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist I felt compelled to start Power In The Group. Why? To guide and support women like you with Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance so you can regain and nourish your health...without all the confusion. Together we can enjoy the richest quality of life for ourselves, with our families, and within our society...wanna come along?

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