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Prediabetes Discouragement

5 Secrets To Beat Prediabetes Discouragement

Let’s face it, working at reversing your Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance takes effort day in and day out. At the beginning, you’re excited and motivated. A few days later (or insert your own time period here) the spark is gone and reality sets in: this is the new version of your life. So hopefully you keep trying...but sooner or later you get majorly discouraged. It’ll happen! That's why you need the 5 Secrets To Beat Prediabetes Discouragement.


Like it not, this is the reality with Prediabetes recovery ---

Some days (or weeks) things won’t go very well or you’ll take a few steps backwards.

Hear me when I say – This will happen to you!

I guarantee it!

Sooner or later you will get totally bummed out because of your lack of progress or your inability to move forward.

For some ladies, this happens after a few weeks.

For others, it happens after a few months.

And for some ladies it happens after a few hours!

But when discouragement hits you now, you'll be ready...because here are 5 Secrets To Beat Prediabetes Discouragement.

1. Zoom Out

‘Zoom Out’ = Get Some Perspective

Just look at the Prediabetes Progress Charts below.

This lady has an amazing Prediabetes Progress Chart!

I bet everyone wants to have progress like this! It just gets better and better! (I’ll tell you what the red dots mean in a minute...)

Prediabetes Zoom Out

Now look at this second chart below. This lady isn’t doing so well here. She makes a little progress, stops, takes a few steps backwards and then makes more progress.

No surprise this lady is totally discouraged! Her Prediabetes Progress Chart looks totally lame!

Oh yeah, I neglected to mention – these Prediabetes Progress Charts belongs to the SAME lady!

How can this be?

Prediabetes Zoom In

Remember those red dots? If you zoom in, you see this chart. (This is only ONE red dot)

Prediabetes Zoom Out

But when you zoom out, and look at a longer stretch of time, her story looks WAYYYYYYYYY different.

If this lady just focuses on the times when nothing seems to work, she’ll be swamped with feelings of discouragement, anxiety and horror at her short-term results.


If she gets some perspective and ‘zooms out’, her story is totally 100% ok.

So, what are YOU going to do next time you have a few bad days?

YOU are going to do yourself a big favor and ZOOM OUT!

2. Write It Down

Ok, you’re going to have a really hard time zooming out if you don’t know how much progress you’ve made.

But there’s an easy solution!

Write down the stuff you did! Here's how:

1) Buy a fancy-dancy looking journal and 2 colored highlighters. One pink and one green.

2) Journal your day, everyday (bedtime works good). Log what went well AND what didn’t go so well.

3) The good stuff (your Prediabetes progress) gets highlighted in pink.

4) The not good stuff (stuff that is hurting your Prediabetes progress) gets highlighted in green.

    Journal and Highlighters

    Now you have an easy way to ‘zoom out’ and see your overall progress.


    Well, if you’ve got a journal filled with pink, you’re on the right track.

    And if your journal looks more like a freshly mowed lawn (green and far as the eye can see), then you’ve got some work to do.

    (Psst...if your journal is all green, don’t despair...instead see Secret #5 below.)

    3. Talk it Up

    What comes out of your mouth makes a HUGE difference with your mood, what you think, and what you do on a minute-by-minute basis.

    And your mind-chatter (unspoken words zipping around in your head) affects you big time too!

    That’s why taking the time to focus on the positive sets you on the path for victory.

    On the other hand, whipping yourself up with fear, worry, anger, doubt and overwhelm keeps you stuck where you are.

    There is no greater freezing agent than fear! When you’re scared, you do nothing!

    If you have Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance, doing nothing can prove to be very painful and costly, can limit your ability to do everyday stuff, and might even be deadly.

    Diabetes Complications

    The good news is that there’s a free ‘medicine’ that’ll keep you in the positive zone.

    Your FREE positive-zone medicine is called affirmations.

    Affirmations are tiny phrases you say to yourself to keep focused.

    Affirmations have no magical powers but they do help to keep you on track and pointed in the right direction.

    Here’s 2 affirmation you can say to yourself when you feel discouraged, in the dumps or downright depressed.

    “Everyday and in everyway my Prediabetes is getting better and better.” 

    “I’m doing work everyday to fix my Prediabetes. I’m going to getting better!”

    Now remember, Affirmations ARE NOT magic!

    However, when you say positive things enough times, your brain tends to believe them, and then you take action to make them a reality.

    On the flipside, if you say, “I’m never going to get better” over and over to yourself, your brain will believe that too, and you’ll be less likely to even want to try.

    It just makes sense.

    You’ll also find that if you say your positive affirmations over and over to yourself when you are down in the dumps (or even scared), you tend to feel better quite quickly.

    Try it! You’ll see how easy (and free) it really is!

    So add a few positive Affirmations to your toolkit to help you overcome your discouragement.

    4. Break it Down

    There is nothing more damaging to your Prediabetes recovery than not getting this next secret working for you.

    Over and over and over and over and over again I speak with ladies who get caught in the trap of having totally unrealistic expectations about their recovery.

    The 2 biggest issues I see this with is:

    Weight Loss Expectations


    Prediabetes Reversal

    Here’s what I mean.

    Unrealistic Expectations about Weight Loss: Deciding to lose over 20 pounds is unrealistic.

    Why? Who can do that in less than a few months unless you starve yourself?

    Who can keep the same goal in their head for months and months and months and months IF the end goal is SO big and SO unreachable that it’s 110% overwhelming?

    So why not break your goals into workable chunks instead?

    Why not break down your big weight loss goal into manageable chunks of 10 pounds? Or even 5 pounds?

    If you reach one 10-pound goal, you set another 10-pound goal, and then another and another. As the months go by, your weight goes down...10-pounds at a time!

    Over time, you’ll reached a healthy body weight – in easy-to-handle 10-pound units.

    And then there are...​

    Unrealistic Expectations about Prediabetes Reversal: You CAN reverse your Prediabetes! (read more about that in my blog post Can My Prediabetes Be Reversed?)

    But what CAN’T be done is reversing your Prediabetes in a few weeks.

    The shortest recovery I have ever seen is about 4 months. That is quick for sure.

    A more realistic expectation is at least a year or perhaps even longer.

    If you have any other medical conditions or are above age 65, that’ll affect your recovery time too.

    (Of course, your recovery depends on your efforts as well!)

    I have heard from tons of ladies that are bummed out big time because after a few months nothing has happened!

    Their A1C is the same as when they started and their Fasting Blood Sugar is no better too! (Lean more about Prediabetes Tests here in my blog post What Is Prediabetes?)

    But while most ladies don’t see it this way, not getting worse is actually making progress!

    Why is that? Because not getting worse means you’ve stopped the damage from progressing! Your next step is to heal the damage.


    You must give your body time to become more sensitive to insulin.

    You must give your body time to process carbohydrates properly.

    And you must give your body time to shift your metabolism so you'll drop the weight.

    So, if you set UNREALISTIC expectations, you WILL get totally depressed after a few months and give up.

    But, if you set REALISTIC expectations, you WON’T get totally depressed and then want give up.

    So ‘break it down’.

    Break all your big goals into small, easy, manageable, realistic, baby-step goals.

    (FRIENDLY TIP: When you have lots of little goals, that also gives you more ‘wins’ to add to your journal = more pink entries!)

    5. Dive In

    I’m going to tell you something quite shocking. The biggest issue with ladies and Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance is NOT the food. It’s NOT exercise either.

    What it is?

    It’s feeling like you’re all alone and nobody is there to help you.

    It’s also having no friendly, un-judgemental shoulders to cry on when you’re down in the dumps.

    And it’s also having no one to talk to who’s going through the same things as you (which just sucks).

    Especially since there are millions of women with Prediabetes, just like you.

    Many of them suffer in silence haphazardly trying to figure out what to do – trying this diet, trying that diet – only to become more and more confused with all the info that’s available online.

    At Power in the Group we wanted to help women cut through all that online noise (some it is great information and some not so great…) and have a safe place for women to come together and get:

    • Science-Based Answers
    • Friendly Support

    And most important, have a safe place to share.

    That’s why we started a free Diabetes Prevention Facebook Group so you don’t have to do this alone! YIPPEE!

    Facebook Group Click Here

    So what does ‘Dive In’ mean?

    It means get connected with other women in the same boat as you. (Sorry fellas, no boys allowed)

    Wanna join our free Online Diabetes Prevention Facebook Group? It’s easy! Here’s how:

    Click on the link right here and you’ll be taken to Facebook.

    Then just ask to join!

    Our group is called: Prediabetes or Insulin Resistance, Now What? (For Women)

    Ladies, you don’t have to be discouraged for long if you follow these 5 Secrets To Overcoming Diabetes Discouragement.

    Here’s a quick recap

    • Zoom Out = Get Some Perspective
    • Write It Down = Document Your Progress
    • Talk It Up = Use Affirmations To Keep Yourself Focused AND Out Of The Depression Dumps
    • Break It Down = Be Realistic In Your Goals And Work On Very Tiny Short-Term Goals


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    Diabetes Complications

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