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Prediabetes Healthy Eating At Social Events

Prediabetes Healthy Eating at Social Events (in the summer)

Summer is a great time to catch up with friends and family. There’s only one problem – this time of year involves a lot of food! Prediabetes healthy eating at social events is priority #1! No matter what the time of year! And my simple rules for Summer Holiday Waistline Survival give you the power to stay on track...


Weddings, birthdays, beach days, BBQs, family reunions... when does all the celebrating end? Not until the end of summer, of course!

But this time of year can add inches to your waistline and leave all thoughts of a heathy Prediabetes diet in the dust.

That's why you need Prediabetes-Healthy-Eating-at-Social-Events help now! (Before the celebrations begin.)

There are 2 ways things can go this summer season…You give up before you even start and let your waistline grow (and blood sugar control go sideways) OR… you make a decision, right now, that this summer season you’ll come out in September ---

-no heavier than you are now

-with your Hemoglobin A1C at least stable

-and you still fitting into all your winter clothes

Prediabetes: Healthy Eating At Social Events (in the summer)

There’s a simple way to make sure you’re still willing to weigh yourself come Labor Day.

It’s called planning and deciding you love yourself so much you’re going to control yourself and think before you eat.

And it’s totally doable if you think this through before the big meals and celebrations happen and before the dessert tray comes around for the 10th time…

Love Yourself Control What You Eat

Joan’s Rules for Summer Holiday Waistline Survival: The Big Meal(s)

Most celebrations come with tons of food! Wayyyyyyyyy more than you would prepare at home!

That's why you need to get these rules in your head NOW while your head is clear and the buffet table is still 2 weeks away.

1. Eat normal sized meals. If you want to try everything…eat very, very, very small portions. But only fill your plate once. And filling your plate doesn’t mean it looks like a small mountain!

2. Avoid the sugary supper stuff. Sweet potatoes with marshmallow toppings are just plain bad. Don’t eat them! Jello salads smothered with whip cream and packed with sugar… again just say no. Sweet BBQ sauces? Packed with sugar – just pass.

3. Avoid the deep-fried stuff. Foods cooked in vegetable oils contain cancer-causing toxins. Focus on eating real food that hasn’t had the crap cooked out of it in a deep fryer. This means deep fried chicken too! (Deep fried meat or meat cooked at high temperatures is soooooooo bad for your health and full of Advanced Glycation End Products which are very toxic to your body!)

Advanced Glycation End Products Toxic Cancer

4. Eat as many veggies (the ones that aren't smothered with goopy dips) as you can. If you can locate a green salad…pig out!

5. Summer holiday meals often come at strange meal times like mid-afternoon or late at night. Don’t get so hungry you could inhale the entire roasted pig! Nibble on raw veggies and healthy dips like hummus, or handfuls of nuts until the big meal starts.

6. When it comes to desert, feeling left out totally sucks…so don’t do it. Instead, decide you WILL eat a small serving of dessert. Small means 4 bites. Eat it slow and enjoy your ice cream, pie, wedding cake, or whatever you have. 

7. Find out the dishes of the meal in advance! Don’t go blind into a summer holiday celebration meal. You’ll likely want to bring some food you can eat that will keep your blood sugar stable.

8. If you’re the host, plan the meal around your needs and ask your BBQ guests to bring their favorites too. Summer is a great time for potlucks and buffets! That way everyone doesn’t have to eat your hummus...unless they want too!

9. Limit your alcohol. Alcohol packs 7 calories per gram. It can also wreak havoc on your blood sugar for many hours after you drink it. This year it might be better to just drink water, infused water, iced tea (no sugar) coffee or tea. Lots of water will help to keep your blood sugar stable too!

(Check out my Healthy Beverages Guide in my 95-5 Wellness Solution here.)

95-5 Wellness Solution Download

10. If the event is casual, plan some outside activities like a friendly badminton match, lawn games, or squirt gun water fights. Physical activity lowers your blood sugar! It’s fun too!

11. Go for a big walk after the big meal. Walking has been proven to lower after-meal blood sugars. This will help with any carb-heavy side dishes and dessert that you ate.

Joan’s Rules for Summer Holiday Waistline Survival: The Snacks

We all know how these BBQs, late afternoon weddings, and beach days work. You snack all day and then the meal starts! All this food can mean blood-sugar-control mania before the meal has even started!

But not for the smart women who follow these simple rules:​

1. Limit yourself to one small plate at snack time. And remember these calories don’t disappear! The more you eat for snacks, the less you should eat a meal time.

2. Focus on raw veggies, hummus, lower carb treats made with coconut flour, nuts, or fruit. If your family and friends don’t make this kind of stuff and the event is potluck…bring it yourself.

3. Avoid the chips, crackers, crisps, pretzels, candy-coated popcorn and anything else that comes out of bag or box that originated in the junk food aisle. Snacking on chips all afternoon at the beach is NOT a good idea! (Especially since all these things are full of toxic Acrylamides, which are very bad for your body and cause inflammation.)

Acrylamides Toxic Cancer

4. If you crave sweet or junky stuff, avoid loitering around the snack table. Stay as far away from it as possible and keep a plate of healthy snacks with you.

5. Going to a party with finger food? Eat a normal meal before you go. This way you won’t be famished and eat everything in sight.

6. Avoid the syrupy blended coffee drinks, freezies, Slurpees, fruit smoothies, popsicles and sweet snacks from the convenience store, smoothie shop or Starbucks. These calories count too, and blended coffee drinks, lattes piled high with whip cream and syrup, fruit packed smoothies, and frozen-syrupy-soda can pack hundreds of calories!

7. Hanging out with friends doesn’t require eating unless it's meal time! Eat regular meals and avoid food-fair mini-meals in the middle of the afternoon, or coffee shop snacks.

Prediabetes Healthy Eating At Social Events Self Control

But more important than any of these rules is this:

Summer Holidays are a time to enjoy the company of those you love and care about. Having celebration meals is part of this. Having a cold drink and a snack when you catch up with your 90-year-old Auntie at your family reunion is part of it too. And that’s ok. More food than you are used to is ok. And not eating all the food is ok too!

It is ok to say, "No thanks."

It is ok to not try every cookie, side dish, pie and snack.

It’s ok to be in control of what you eat.

You can survive this summer holiday season and still love yourself in September!

My closing advice to you is this, when it comes to Prediabetes Healthy Eating at Social Events (in the summer)…

Decide you care about yourself so much that you're going to plan and think about your strategy before the BBQ gets fired up, the beach umbrella shades the sun, and the bride and groom are walking down the aisle.

Looking for a great salad to bring to that summer potluck? My Chickpea Parsley Salad is a crowd pleaser! You can learn how to make it here (you can even use white-beans if you don't like chickpeas).

So now you know about Prediabetes Healthy Eating at Social Events (in the summer)! I hope you enjoyed this blog post!


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