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Prediabetes Summer Survival Tips

14 Prediabetes Summer Survival Tips

Summer is such a nice time of year when we get to ditch all those winter clothes and let loose a little. But letting loose doesn't mean forgetting about your Prediabetes! That would be really foolish!

Why? Because Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance NEVER take a vacation! That's why you need to know the 14 Prediabetes Summer Survival Tips! At the end of the summer you'll thank yourself and so will your waistline.


There's a lot to remember about your Prediabetes when it comes to summer….so we've gathered the 14 Prediabetes Summer Survival Tips for you all in one blog post. 

You can use the Index below to click to any of them, or better yet, read them all!

Tip #1:  Summer Heat and High Blood Sugar

Problem: Extreme heat makes blood sugar levels go up. How much your blood sugar goes up is really up to you.

Solution: You can keep your blood sugar stable, even on hot days if you eat healthy whole foods AND drink lots of water all day long. Mineral water would be especially helpful on very hot days.

Learn how to test your blood sugar here.

Tip #2:  Summer Heat and Your Blood Sugar Monitor

Problem: Extreme summer temperatures will damage your blood sugar monitor and make your testing strips less reliable.

Solution: Never leave your blood sugar monitor and supplies in direct sunlight, by a pool, on the beach or in a hot car. Your meter and strips will work best when they're kept between 50 to 104 degrees F (10 to 40 C).

The most reliable blood sugar monitor is the Contour Next. You can buy it here

Sun is Hot Protect Yourself

Tip #3:  Summer Heat and Low Blood Sugar

Problem: Low blood sugar looks a lot like heat exhaustion and many people can't tell the difference.

Solution: If you feel unwell and you're not sure if you've had too much sun or heat...OR your blood sugar is low...test your blood sugar and find out!

Learn more about Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) here.

Tip #4:  Foot Injuries During the Summer

Problem: Getting cuts, scrapes and blisters on your feet is common in the summer. But foot injuries can lead to infections and more serious complications when you have blood sugar issues.

Solution: Never go barefoot! Wear comfortable athletic shoes that fit properly or sandals that protect your feet.

Feet Grass Joggers Diabetic Risk

Tip #5:  Hot Temperatures and Exercise

Problem: Hot temperatures and humidity will make it harder for you to exercise and you'll be tempted to skip your daily exercise.

Solution: Find a way! Exercise outside early in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are lower. You could also walk in an air-conditioned location or go to a gym to exercise.

Learn how to make a Prediabetes Exercise Plan here.

Tip #6:  Choosing the Right Kind of Cold Drinks to Cool Off

Problem: It's tempting in the summer to drink alcohol and cold coffee-drinks. But both will cause you to become dehydrated AND they'll spike your blood sugar too!

Solution: Be nice to your body and choose non-alcoholic cold drinks with no sugar or artificial sugars…like water, mineral water, unsweetened iced tea or fruit-infused water.

Learn how to make unsweetened Iced Tea here.

Iced Tea With Lemons Yummy

Tip #7:  Sleeping In on Lazy Summer Holidays

Problem: Many women love to sleep in on lazy summer days! But sleeping in will make your blood sugar unstable AND you'll be much more likely to overeat on sleep-in days too!

Solution: Make the choice to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. You'll not only sleep better and have way better blood sugar control, but you'll feel a whole lot better too!

Tip #8:  Getting Exercise Even During Your Vacation

Problem: It’s tempting on summer vacation to take a break from getting daily exercise. But this will not only make it harder to get back to exercise when you get back home, your blood sugar will also be less stable while you're on vacation.

Solution: Choose to love yourself and make the decision to exercise every day this summer, EVEN when you're on summer vacation.

Learn the 2 Simple Rules for your Prediabetes Exercise plan here.

Woman Exercising Summer Sweating

Tip #9:  Sunburns and Blood Sugar Control

Problem: Getting a little sun feels wonderful and you'll also make some healthy Vitamin D. But red, hot, or blistering skin means you've had too much and you'll notice your blood sugar will go considerably higher.

Solution: Avoid getting a sunburn by wearing a hat, seeking shade, covering your skin and avoiding direct sunlight between 10 am to 2 pm on hot days. If you're going to be in the sun for more than 20 minutes, wear non-toxic sunscreen and seek shade.

Tip #10: Controlling Your Weight Over the Summer

Problem: It's common during lazy summer days to let your diet, exercise, and sleep become inconsistent…and by the end of the summer you weigh yourself and gasp in horror!

Solution: Don’t let the summer throw a wrench in your plans to keep your weight under control.

Decide right now to love yourself enough to:

1) Eat healthy whole foods everyday
2) Exercise everyday
3) And keep your sleep consistent (so no sleeping in!)

You'll thank yourself at the end of the summer!

Holiday Meal Planning and Prediabetes

Tip #11: Bottled Iced Tea, Your Blood Sugar and Your Weight

Problem: Iced tea tastes wonderful on a hot lazy summer day. But most bottled iced-tea is packed full of sugar or artificial sugars. Both of these sweeteners will make it SUPER hard to control your weight AND blood sugar.

Solution: You can make your own iced tea, it's easy! Learn how to make healthy delicious Iced Tea here.

Tip #12: Choosing Healthy Habits Over the Summer

Problem: Staying up late, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy food and not getting daily exercise affects your blood sugar AND immunity! (in a bad way)

Solution: Keep your blood sugar stable AND keep your immunity strong all summer long by:

1. Eating healthy whole foods
2. Avoiding alcohol
3. Getting enough sleep
4. And getting daily exercise

Tip #13: Summertime Snacks and Fair Food

Problem: Summertime snacks at fairs and festivals can pack on the calories fast!

Solution: If you get a snack and you know it's unhealthy, make sure it's small and that you eat it slowly! You can also choose healthier snack options or pack your own healthy snacks.

Candy Apples Fair Food

Tip #14: Planning Your Travel So You Don't Get Stressed Out

Problem: Travelling can be stressful at the best of times, but when it's super hot and harder to sleep AND your food choices might not be the greatest, it can be super stressful! All this stress means your blood sugar will go higher.

Solution: Reduce your stress AND keep your blood sugar stable by:

  •  Planning your trip in advance
  • Making sure you know what to expect
  • Getting an understanding of how much control you'll have 

You not only have much better blood sugar control…you won't get home from your holiday and feel like you need a vacation to recover!

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