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prediabetic cravings

Prediabetic Cravings — How To Stop Food Cravings

If you have Prediabetic Cravings you need to read this! Lots of research about food cravings indicate –Your gut microbes are controlling your cravings. Read on to see — how to stop prediabetic cravings.

If you’re battling food cravings new research really helps to clarify why this is happening and what you can do about it.

Here’s The Deal On Prediabetic Cravings

It all has to do with your gut microbes.

It’s sad but true…butNot all of your ‘resident’ gut microbes have your best interests in mind. Microbes (bacteria and other things like yeast, etc.) in your digestive system can and do manipulate…your eating behavior to increase their chance for survival…

Sometimes at the expense of you! (what jerks eh?)

Gut Microbes Have Food Preferences

It’s well known that gut microbes don’t all prefer the same food…

  • Some Thrive On Fruit
  • Some Love On Greens
  • Some Prefer Animal Protein
  • Some Like to Dine On Fat and so on….

And gasp!

  • Some Like To Feast On Simple Sugars (think…refined foods)

Researchers Think Gut Microbes May Do This By

Some or all of the below…

  • Generating cravings…(in your mind)…for foods they like
  • Giving you dysphoria*… until you eat the food they like  (*Dysphoria = a feeling of intense dissatisfaction / anxiety)


“Bacteria within the gut are manipulative.,”There is a diversity of interests represented in the microbiome, some aligned with our own dietary goals, and others not.” Carlo Maley, PhD, director of the UCSF Center for Evolution and Cancer

So What’s a Chocolate Craving / Bread Craving / Soda Craving [Insert Your Craving Here] Woman To Do?

Because gut microbes are easily manipulated by:

  • Prebiotics (non-digestible stuff that feeds your gut microbes)
  • Probiotics (live micro-organisms you can eat to help your gut)
  • Antibiotics (meds that kill microbes, including the good ones…unfortunately)
  • Fecal Transplants (yup…poop from another person who has lots of ‘good’ microbes…don’t fret…now they have ‘poop pills’ but…don’t try this one at home!)


  • Dietary Changes

You can fix this…by changing what you eat!

(Yes, it’s really that simple…just eat stuff the ‘good’ gut microbes want…)

Your Prediabetic Cravings Action Plan

Here’s a secret… pass it along to all your friends, family and Facebook peeps.

Good gut microbes love fiberfiber comes from plants…

  • Not Meat
  • Not Fat
  • Not Dairy

(You can eat this other stuff…just make your #1 focus –plants and stuff that comes from plants)

To get rid of your cravings….Eat Lots Of Fiber! (which means plants and stuff that comes from plants)

(Like 50 grams/day of fiber…even more is better…)


Take a good quality Multi-Strain-Probiotic…

At least 100 billion units/day… and some people find 200 or 300 billion really jumpstarts things…but start with 100. (I recently took 250 billion/day while I was on antibiotics…to help counter the microbe killing effects of the meds).

Now Foods Probiotic 10-50 Million

Keep up with your fiber and probiotics…and your Prediabetic cravings will quickly go away!

Concerned about getting a belly ache from all the fiber? Veggie fiber is more ‘readily appreciated by your colon’ rather than grain fiber or bean fiber, especially when you’re just starting out. Start with eating way more plants and then introduce more whole grains and beans and lentils.

PPS. And start drinking way more water…you need it to get the fiber to your microbes…waiting in your intestines…with their mouths open! (ok… they really don’t have a mouth…)


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