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should prediabetics eat bananas

Should Prediabetics Eat Bananas?

Ladies with Prediabetes ask me this question — Should Prediabetics Eat Bananas?  Aren’t bananas too sugary?

Well that all depends…read to find out more…

When Fruit Ripens It Changes.

As bananas ripen the starch turns into sugar.

Leave it until it’s spotty and you’ve got a sugar laden pile of mush. Eat it just past green and you’ve got a ton of resistant starch which is super fantastic!

Don’t worry about that resistant starch though! Your body can’t digest this type of starch…but your gut microbes sure can…and they love it!

Happy good gut microbes promote overall health and insulin sensitivity (this is good) so the more resistant starch you can eat the better.

Resistant Starch Is Found In Many Plants Including

– Raw potatoes (yuk!)

– Raw sweet potatoes (yum!) Peel the orange guys, slice and use as a very efficient hummus dipping tool.

– Cooked but then cooled potatoes (potato salad anyone?)

– Cooked but then cooled rice (tabbouleh anyone?)

– The fiber in grains, seeds and legumes (you need to be eating grains, seeds and legumes if you want better blood sugar control and weight loss)

Now back to your question…

Banana Resistant Starch

Should Prediabetics Eat Bananas?

It’s simple.

Eat it just past green. Basically if you can get the peel off without using an axe…go for it. If your banana supply starts to go past green…freeze them asap!  (peel and freeze on a cookie sheet, then bag)


Because frozen bananas make the absolute best smoothies in the world! (including the Yum!Yum!)

You Can Add A ½ Frozen Banana To Smoothies If

You add some fat and a source of protein. Now you’ll have a great smoothie that won’t overtax your blood sugar.

(Of course if you’re concerned…test your blood glucose…just to make sure!)

Recipe: Yum!Yum! Chocolate Smoothie

But remember, the more your banana ripens up (like in the photo) the more sugar you get!

Lots Of Brown Spots = Sugar

Totally Brown = Compost. Don’t eat it!

If there’s still some green on the peel – go for it.

If you want some banana with your morning mueslieat only half. Bananas do totally ok…cut and waiting for you on the counter… (leave the peel on and just slice off what you want…the little ‘skin’ that forms will keep it safe…)

Bananas are rich in fiber and nutrients too…so don’t be afraid of them.

PPS. Some people tell me “Oh I can’t eat bananas… they ‘spike’ me.”

First off, you can eat less…like not the whole thing…or eat it just past green…or make sure you combine it with fats and protein…or don’t cook it…this all makes a huge difference with how your body reacts to the banana!

!!!!!Super Important!!!!!

Be smart! You miss out on nutrients and vitamins when you totally dismiss healthy carbs without considering portions sizes, ripeness, what else you eat it with and preparation.

Deciding to eat/not eat healthy-whole-food carbs is never a yes or no situation!

So now you have your answer to the the question “Should Prediabetics Eat Bananas?”

Wondering if you can eat other fruit? Find out here: Can I Eat Fruit With Prediabetes?

PPPS. Thank you to all the fruit flies that have invaded my kitchen while I waited for my bananas to turn yukky so I could take these photos. You can leave anytime now!

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