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skinny strawberry sorbet

Skinny Strawberry Sorbet Prediabetes Recipe

Can you imagine how good some strawberry sorbet would taste right now? Do you know you can make it yourself and control how much sugar you use? Read on to find out how I make my Skinny Strawberry Sorbet… and how much sugar you really need (you’ll be shocked)

How can I recommend sorbet to Prediabetics and those with Insulin Resistance…Isn’t sorbet packed with sugar?

Not mine!

There’s only one ingredient = Strawberries.

How much sugar do I used? None!

Artificial sugars? None! (they’re totally bad for Insulin Resistance by the way)

Experiment With Your Fruit Sorbet

You can make sorbet from any fruit you want, mixing them as you wish. Berries are the lowest carb fruit out there so they make a great choice for Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance.

How Do I Do Make Delicious Skinny Strawberry Sorbet?

Simple. A high powered blender. Mine is a Vitamix, one of my most prized possessions! I used it on a daily basis and I wouldn’t trade it for any other blender. It can do tons of stuff including the sorbet, make a mean tomato sauce, grind up chia seeds for my Sorghum Chia Waffles, or to make oh so creamy cashew sauce, and of course make green smoothies.

Skinny Strawberry Sorbet – Prediabetes Recipe

What you need: Vitamix or Blendtec blender or Food Processor


  • Fresh Strawberries, without the green top (just pluck it off)
  • Frozen Strawberries, again without the green top

Ratio: 2:1 [fresh:frozen]

For 2 cups of sorbet I use about 20 fresh strawberries and 10 frozen.


Blend the fresh strawberries until liquid. Slowly add the frozen strawberries through the top hole in the blender lid. Use the tamper as necessary. If the blender becomes to labored add a few more fresh strawberries or a ¼ of a banana.

If you use a Food Processor, process the non-frozen berries and than slowly add the frozen berries.

This is what I use to make my Sorbet. Works like a charm! It also makes my Yum! Yum! Smoothies, grinds flax for my Flax Bread and makes my daily Green Smoothie.

Vitamix Blender

Serving Suggestions:

  • On pancakes or waffles instead of sugary syrup.
  • For dessert, alone or with fruit
  • To make popsicles for the kids (or adults…like me!)

Pre-make and Freeze:

Pre-make your sorbet and freeze it. Remove from the freezer 30 minutes before you want to eat it. Adding a wee bit a flavorless alcohol prevents the sorbet from freezing hard as a rock.
This Skinny Strawberry Sorbet Prediabetes Recipe is:

G/F, D/F, Paleo, Vegan, Low Carb

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