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things you must do to get healthy

10 Things You Must Do To Get Healthy (and stay healthy), Part 2 of 3

Do you want to get healthy once and for all...AND stay healthy for the rest of your life? Then you need to read the Top 10 Things You Must Do To Get Healthy (and stay healthy), Part 2.


Last week we learned the first 4 things you need to do (or not do) to get healthy.

We discovered you need to:

1) Eat at Least 50 grams of Fiber a Day

2) Get At Least 1 hour of Exercise a Day


We also discovered some BAD stuff you don’t want to do...like:

3) Smoking (that includes vaping/e-cigarettes)

4) Drinking Alcohol

To check out Part 1 of the Top 10 Things You Must Do To Get Healthy (and stay healthy), click here or on the image below.

10 Things You Must Do To Get Healthy

So, let's get on with Part 2 of the Top 10 Things You Must Do To Get Healthy (and stay healthy).

Ready to turn what you learn into healthy lifestyle habits?

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This week we tackle 3 things you need to STOP doing:

5) Cooking Food At High Temperatures

6) Eating Processed Meat

7) Eating Refined-Processed Sugar

Let's start by looking at #5 of 10...

5)  Don’t Eat Foods Cooked at High Temperatures

Some of the ways we prepare foods are really bad for us. Wanna know the worst of the worst?

Cooking food at high temperatures!

The reason for this is that high temperatures make food toxic.

(I'll explain exactly what this means in a minute.)

Fried foods cause Diabetes and Heart Disease

Examples of foods cooked at high temperatures are:

  • Deep-fried foods (like from a restaurant or cooked in your own deep fryer)
  • Foods cooked on a BBQ (especially meats)
  • Food broiled in an oven or cooked above 350 degrees

I know you don’t want to hear this... but all of these foods are filled with toxins because they're overcooked!

Shock Emoji

Frequently eating fried food is significantly associated with the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer.

OK, I think we all know deep fried potatoes or chicken aren’t health foods.

But it's not just the deep fried foods you need to avoid!

Food that's baked until it's crispy = toxic

Crackers, rice crisps, crunchy snacks or crunchy breakfast cereal = toxic

All foods cooked at high temperatures = toxic

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Toxic Food Explained:

When you cook foods at high temperatures, the food changes, and it's not good.

New chemical-based substances form called Acrylamides and Advanced Glycation End Products.

And they are BAD for you! 

Both of these things are VERY toxic and promote inflammation in your body.

And just so you know, chronic inflammation is the starting point of:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer's
  • Heart Disease
  • And many other chronic conditions like Obesity

So...anything you can do to avoid eating stuff that causes inflammation is a really good idea.

Acrylamides  = mainly in carbohydrates/plants cooked at high temperatures

Advanced Glycation End Products = mainly in animal meat/fat cooked at high temperatures



Acrylamides and Advanced Glycation End Products increase your risk for Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease and other inflammatory conditions.

Acrylamides Toxic Cancer

Toxic Foods To Avoid:

If you want to give yourself the BEST chance to reverse Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance, and get your health back, you need to avoid ALL toxic foods.

AVOID Deep Fried Stuff: Fried potatoes, French fries, fried chicken, deep fried shrimp and seafood, fish and chips, deep fried burritos, hash browns, baked/fried seaweed snacks and anything else you can get that's deep fried.

Fried food causes Diabetes and Heart Disease

AVOID Crispy Snacks: Potato chips, crackers, rice crackers, crispy snacks, crispy bread, crisps, store-bought cookies, boxed crunchy breakfast cereals, instant noodles in a cup, toasted grains.

AVOID crispy nuts/seeds: Roasted crunchy nuts, roasted crunchy seeds, roasted coffee beans/ coffee, roasted cocoa beans.

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What About Air Fryers? Air fryers give you the sense of health eating when in reality...you're not. Oh sure, you're not eating food drenched with oil but you're still eating food that's been turned into toxic Acrylamides and Advanced Glycation End Products.

A piece of crispy air-fried-chicken = inflammation.

If you have an air fryer, do your health a big favor and upgrade to an Instant Pot.

Air Fryer NO!

6) Don’t Eat Processed Meat

I know a lot of people won't want to hear this because this includes bacon...but...ALL processed meat is considered to be VERY unhealthy AND you shouldn't eat.

Eating Processed Meat Increases Your Risk for:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Bowel Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • And many other chronic conditions
Don't Eat Processed Meat Like Bacon

If you're wondering what processed meat is...

Processed meat = meats that have been salted, smoked, dried, cured, fermented or canned.

A steak or a chicken breast are NOT processed. Salami, pepperoni, ham, bacon and Spam are processed.

Processed meat is considered a carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

You will do yourself a great favor by totally avoiding processed meats.

Processed meat causes cancer

AVOID: Weiners/frankfurts, sausages, pepperoni, salami, bacon, Canadian ham, ham, cured meats, jerkies, canned meat like Spam, Klik and chicken spread, dried meat, luncheon meats, corned beef, packaged meat-based sauces.

7)  Don't Eat Refined-Processed Sugar

Ladies...modern-day food comes with a dark and dirty secret.

Refined-processed sugar has ZERO nutrient value.




Eating refined sugar is 100% calories and NOTHING else.

And it gets much, much worse...

Unnatural Sugar Made In Factories:

Scientists have discovered many ways to make sugar from corn, grains, fruit, rice and a whole bunch of sugars that are NEVER found in nature and ONLY come from a lab.

You can't go out to a corn field and squeeze an ear of corn and get high fructose corn syrup – you'll have to go to a lab to make it! 

High fructose corn syrup DOESN'T exist in nature!

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is sometimes called glucose-fructose or fructose syrup – Do yourself a massive favor and DON'T eat it.

Refined Sugar = Sick Humans

All this refined sugar and factory-made sugar is making us very sick AND the only way to stop this is to basically eat none of it.

Sugar Cubes

Wanna learn what happens when you drink sugar? Click here.

Wanna learn all the sneaky names for sugar in your food (you'll be shocked!) Click here.

Wanna learn how to bake with minimal sugar and Diabetes-friendly sweeteners? Click here.

So, what sweeteners are ok for Diabetes and Insulin Resistance?

The sweeteners that are THE BEST for Diabetes are the ones that have existed for thousands of years! (Not the junk that's made in a lab and labelled as low sugar,  sugar-free or sugar alternatives!)

You can eat moderate amounts (2 tsp per day) of:

  • Organic Coconut Sugar (lower glycemic load than sugar)
  • RAW Honey (full of healthy amino acids, minerals and enzymes, ok in moderate amounts)
  • Maple Syrup (full of minerals and vitamins, ok in moderate amounts)
  • Molasses (full of minerals and vitamins, ok in moderate amounts)
  • Dates
Prediabetes and Sugar

STEVIA NOTES – click to learn if packaged Stevia is ok (don’t freak out, but it isn't)

Is monk fruit sweetener ok?


Why not?

Because when sugar, Stevia and monk fruit sweeteners were tested in a research study, THEY ALL had the SAME effect on postprandial blood sugar AND insulin levels.

Don’t be fooled! Monk fruit sweetener is no better than refined sugar!

Ladies, the bottom line with sweeteners and being healthy is that you need to use moderate amounts of the REAL thing (see the list of 4 above) and avoid refined sugars like the plague.

Wrap Up: 10 Things You Must Do To Get Healthy (and stay healthy), Part 2 of 3

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of 10 Things You Must Do To Get Healthy (and stay healthy).

Today we learned that you need to avoid:

  • Foods Cooked At High Temperatures
  • Processed Meats
  • Refined Sugars

If you missed Part 1 of 10 Things You Must Do To Get Healthy (and stay healthy), click here.

Next week we'll learn about:

  • Fake sugars
  • Fake sugars
  • Red meat

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