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walking prevents diabetes

Walking Prevents Diabetes & How I Got 10 Million Fitbit Steps in Two Years

Long ago I learned Walking Prevents Diabetes. So…two years ago I set my own goal –10 million fitbit steps in two years. Now my two years is up…I also just turned 50! Find out how I did and how you can reach your own walking goals too.

Two years ago I decided to get a Fitbit. Oh sure, I walked…but I never really knew how far I went and when I first started using my Fitbit I realized…I had been totally overestimating how much I walked!

Now I had a tool to help me know the facts – good or bad.

First Rule Of Reaching A Goal

Get some way to measure what you are striving for.

This might be a Fitbit, a body fat scale, a blood sugar monitor, or a log on your fridge that’s keeping track of how much fiber you’re eating.

Get a tool to help you! (don’t cheap out…that $99 Fitbit investment = 14 cents/day for the last 2 years)

Fitbit BUY today!

Back to me two years ago…

So after a few weeks of measuring my steps (and getting the facts)…

I set a goal = Two years, 10 million steps, by age 50.

See…I knew walking prevents Diabetes so my goal had to be serious and significant and had to equal at least 10K steps a day (10K steps a day for two years = 7.3 Million). I goal was to up that by a few million/per year.

Second Rule Of Reaching A Goal

Set a tangible goal with an end date.

Sadly…a lot of people don’t do this. The most common goal being… I’ll lose some weight…”

Some weight???

What does ‘some’ mean???

That kind of goal is setting you up for wishy washy results. How much weight do you have to lose to be happy? 10 lbs? 20 lbs? 50 lbs?

You have to have a clearly defined and measurable outcome with an end date. Like…

” I’ll lose 20 lbs by…[inset end date here].”

Back to me…

Ok, I had something tangible, measurable and my end date. But I was still missing something…

10 million steps was a pretty lofty goal so I had to ask myself –

“Is this goal realistic? Is there any evidence I could get that many steps, in 2 years?”

I checked my daily step log in my Fitbit app. According to my calculations, if I continued at my rate I could do it…if…I increased my daily steps by about 1500 steps… (that’s 3 minutes extra a day…yup… doable!).

Third Rule Of Reaching A Goal

Pick a realist goal. Losing 100 lbs in a year is totally impossible for most people. Even 50 lbs in a year would probably be a stretch.

Don’t set yourself up for failure!

Never reaching your goals is totally depressing! You set goals so you can reach them! (not fail)

Back to me…

Ok, so I was based in reality and not fantasy-land with my 10 million step goal.

So I started stepping, and stepping and stepping and forced myself to not think about my 10 million step goal.

Why Would I Do Such A Thing?  (I’m not crazy, read on to find out why…)

Simple! I had broken my goal down into a daily amount (13,888 steps). I knew all I had to do was get almost 14,000 steps a day and I’d get the 10 million.

And because I knew some days I might get more, and then others less…I focused on keeping my average at around 14K.

Fitbit BUY today!

Fourth Rule Of Reaching A Goal

Break down your goal into small steps (no pun intended…).

If you want to lose 40 lbs in a year, how much is that a month??? (just over 3 lbs actually). Three pounds a month seems like a way easier goal to focus on then a big number like 40!!!

So all of this sounds really great…

  • Get a tool to measure your progress
  • Set a tangible goal with and end date
  • Be realistic! (Fantasies are great when you dream of the laundry fairy coming to your house to fold clothes…but wishing and hoping doesn’t work well with setting goals)
  • Break down your goal into small easy to do chunks


One critical step was missing…

Can you guess what it is was?

I had to go public…I had to tell other humans I was doing this…

Fifth Rule Of Reaching A Goal

Make your goal public.

Declaring your goals to the world (which means your friends, family, or Healthy U Group peeps) takes guts. But it also makes you totally committed.

Now you’ll have people asking you how it’s going…(this makes you more accountable…)

You’ll also get a lot of cheering, kind words, and celebration.

Don’t Skip This Step, private goals can easily get swept away and forgotten…public ones are out there…and your friends don’t forget!

HUG - keeps you on track

Walking Prevents Diabetes. So Now It’s Your Turn

But what about you? Since walking prevents Diabetes are you going get yourself a Fitbit and get walking? (you should, if you are serious about Diabetes Prevention…)

Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes Prevention, Fitbit, 10000 steps/day, PowerInTheGroup.com, infographic

AND — Since walking prevents Diabetes are you willing to make a realistic plan to get at least 10,000 steps a day, and make it public?

Wanna know a great place to go public with your Fitbit walking goal?

Join our Healthy U Group. You’ll meet lots of other ladies with Fitbit’s too!


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