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what is resistant starch

What Is Resistant Starch?

Resistant Starch is all the buzzword these days with women and Prediabetes. But What Is Resistant Starch? Happy gut microbes and resistant starch go hand in hand. Read on to get all the details and what you need to start eating…

A Happy Gut Means…Better Health For You! Including…

  • A Healthy Body Weight
  • Great Blood Sugar Control and
  • Super Great Insulin Sensitivity

Wanna know what makes gut microbes giggle with glee? RESISTANT STARCH.

So…What Is Resistant Starch?

Resistant Starch are the carbs you can’t digest. This means it makes it all the way to your large intestine, intact


This starch doesn’t raise your blood glucose…because you can’t digest it!

Why Resistant Starch Is Good

When Resistant Starch arrives in your large intestine good gut microbes chow down on the starch making something called Short Chain Fatty Acids. These are super important because they’re anti-inflammatory.

Research now indicates that SCFA’s may play a key role in the prevention and treatment of:

  • Metabolic Syndrome (which includes insulin resistance)
  • Bowel Disorders
  • Certain Types of Cancer

So What Can You Eat Now to Get More Resistant Starch?

  1. Eat raw tubers like sweet potatoes and yams. Wash ‘em, peel ‘em and slice them up! Super tasty and very filling! Dip them into hummus or just eat them for a snack or to accompany a meal.
  2. Eat raw rolled oats/barley flakes. Oats and barley are great blood sugar control solutions but when you eat them raw they turn into super foods! Soak them in milk/milk substitute overnight to make ‘porridge’ or make Chia Muesli.
  3. Eat bananas that aren’t quite ripe.  They don’t have to be rock hard and green like grass, just a bit of green is good.
  4. Eat cooked unpeeled potatoes – cooled. When the starch in potatoes is cooled you can’t digest it… more food for your gut bacteria…and less of a blood sugar rise.
  5. Eat lots of beans and legumes. And if the beans and legumes are cold you’ll get more resistant starch. Hummus time! (cook your own beans in an Instant Pot – SUPER EASY!)
  6. Eat lots of veggies. The more you cook something the less the resistant starch, so eat them raw or lightly cooked.

Save tons of money! Learn how to cook beans for yourself here with an Instant Pot.

Instant Pot

So now you know the answer to the question…What Is Resistant Starch? Make sure you eat Resistant Starch everyday… your gut microbes will stay happy and you’ll be on your way back to health.

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