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what makes your blood sugar go high

What Makes Blood Sugar Go High?

Women with Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance need to focus on what makes blood sugar go high and what makes blood sugar go lower. It’s not just about food choices! Read on to get the full list of what makes blood sugar go high and what to do to make your blood sugar go lower…

Your body is wired to raise or lower your blood sugar based on what’s happening inside and outside your body.

This happens naturally so your body can maintain metabolic balance. If your body couldn’t do this…you wouldn’t be here.

Stress and Blood Sugar

When you’re stressed, your blood sugar goes higher so you can deal with the issue. So one thing that makes your blood sugar go high is stress.

So, if you’re scared of a rabid raccoon and need to run away…your blood sugar shoots way up so you have the energy to run away…fast!

That’s all good…but modern day life and food has put us in the position of having chronic high blood sugar.

That means your body is in 100% stress mode — all the time!  (this is very, very, very, very bad for you)

Relaxation And Blood Sugar

On the flip-side…

If you’re out for a walk after dinner, your blood sugar naturally goes lower…and stays lower for more than a day!

Imagine what would happen if you walked everyday!!!!

I can imagine that…read more about my walking adventure here.

Serious about walking to prevent Diabetes? Get a Fitbit and start tracking your steps!

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So the big question is…are you putting yourself in a position to have chronic high blood sugar because of stuff that’s IN your life…or GOING ON with your life? (the answer is likely—yes!)

And on the flip-side, are you doing anything that will naturally lower your blood sugar? (I hope your answer is yes!)

Let’s look at the list of what makes blood sugar go up and the list of what makes it go down.

First, the bad list…

What Makes Blood Sugar Go High — The List

The list is long, so make sure you take a good look at it what makes blood sugar go higher.

Chronic high blood sugar is not good and you need to do something about these things…

  • Allergies
  • Anger
  • Caffeine – Higher blood sugar or neutral (depends on you)
  • Dawn Phenomenon – (it’s hormone based, not food based)
  • Dehydration
  • Emotional Stress
  • Excess Protein – Higher blood sugar or neutral (depends on the total diet)
  • Fatty Foods – (especially when eaten with refined carbs, think pizza…)
  • Female Hormones
  • High Intensity Exercise (HIIT, spin classes, exercising to exhaustion)
  • Hot Temperatures
  • Illness
  • Meds – (some meds can actually cause Type 2 Diabetes! For example, Statins increase Diabetes risk)
  • Poor Sleep
  • Refined Carbs
  • Shift Work
  • Smoking
  • Steroid Based Meds (for example, Prednisone)
  • Stress – The worst of the worst. You gotta get a handle on this one!

Not sure what your blood glucose levels are doing? Get a blood glucose monitor and test it!

Your blood sugar testing goals are:

  • less than 100 when you wake up (Fasting Blood Sugar)
  • 140, or less after meals (Postprandial Glucose Level)

Active_1st_ Bayer_Contour_NEXT_Diabetic_Blood_Glucose_Monitor_Testing_Kit

And now the good list. Some are natural and some aren’t. If you can…incorporate any of these natural blood sugar lowering things in your life.

What Makes Blood Sugar Go Lower — The List

The list is shorter but very important! Almost everyone can do the second and third one!

  • Cold Temperatures (a winter walk in the snow is a good idea!)
  • Light Exercise – (Hint…hint….go for a walk with your Fitbit!)
  • Meditation
  • Supplements – read about my recommended supplement combo here
  • Meds – Some meds actually make blood sugar go lower (for example, Metformin…but with nasty side-effects)
  • NOTE: Only take Metformin as a last resort. Please try diet and lifestyle change first. The Diabetes Prevention Program proved diet and lifestyle work better at preventing Type 2 Diabetes than Metformin.

Special Bonus List

And as a special bonus…there are actually things that can cause wild fluctuations in blood sugar. 

These are especially important since super-high-highs and super-low-lows cause the body great stress.

Stuff That Causes Wild Blood Sugar Fluctuations

These ones are totally within your control so make sure you know what happens and do what you can to avoid them or fix them.

  • Alcohol – Highs and lows, very unpredictable blood sugar with alcohol!
  • Food Sensitivities – Wild highs then rapid drops to hypoglycemic levels
  • Sleeping In – All over the place blood sugar…usually for the entire day
  • Undiagnosed Celiac Disease – Wild highs then rapid drops to hypoglycemic levels

You’ll Notice I Barely Talked About Food!

As you can see…this is way more complicated than just blaming food for your blood sugar troubles!

Asking “What Makes Blood Sugar Go High?” and then only talking about food won’t help you.

If you’re only looking at your food, you’re doing yourself a great, great, great disservice!

Diabetes Prevention is about looking at your whole life, taking stock and making changes that will prevent you from getting a chronic disease… a chronic disease that will likely end with a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.

It’s worth a look at your whole life, not just your food.

So now you know, “What Makes Blood Sugar Go High?”…AND how to make your blood sugar go lower.


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