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Why I Love My Fitbit

Why I Love My Fibit

Something very cool happened to me the other day. I found out I have walked over 28 million steps! (I didn't do this all over night!) This all started just over 6 years ago... Read on to learn my own story of why I got my Fitbit, why I love my Fitbit, and why I'd never let anyone take my Fitbit away.


Back in 2014 I got a Fitbit for my birthday.

I specifically asked for a Fitbit because I wanted to know if I was measuring up.

Turns out I wasn't...not totally.

You see, I was already walking a lot...but not every day.

AND I did walk 10,000 steps a day, on average.

But I was inconsistent.

Some days I'd get 14,000 steps but other days I'd only get 7,500 steps.

Overall I was well above 10,000 steps a day, but I had a HUGE consistency problem.

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Though I was relieved to see my daily average above the 10,000 steps a day mark, the inconsistency really, really, really, really bothered me.

I knew that my overall health would be better if I was more consistent.

So I knew what I had to do...I had to walk 10,000 steps EVERY day!

So this is what I did: I made it a goal to walk 10,000 steps each and every day.

Thankfully, my Fitbit keeps track for me so I don't have to.

AND now there is NO WAY that I would ever stop wearing my Fitbit...or let anyone take it away.

It's just too risky! I don’t want to backslide!

I know CONSISTENCY is the key to keeping healthy!

And I don't want to slip up!

Thankfully, my Fitbit is going to be on my wrist telling me to keep moving!

I Know I Need an Outside Source to Keep Me Motivated and On Track

I talk to a lot of women about the blood-sugar benefits of daily walking.

And some of these women are shocked to find out I have days when I don't feel like going for a walk!

While I usually love going for my daily walks...I am not infallible. (I'm not Wonder Woman, after all!)

There are some days when I feel:

  • Lazy
  • Unmotivated
  • A little sorry for myself

AND I do have the ability to talk myself out of pretty much anything if I want to! (Just like every other woman reading this blog post.)

Thankfully, my Fitbit overrides my temporary weaknesses and fills the role of impartial judge.

It’s hard for me to be lazy when a little device on my wrist is telling me to get up and walk around.

And your Fitbit will do the same for you too!

What a relief it is to let my Fitbit keep track of all this stuff.

Now I rarely miss 10,000 steps a day...and my steps just keep on adding up, day after day!

I love seeing that "total steps" number get higher and higher and higher and higher!

Bottom line? There is no way I would have gotten CONSISTENT without my Fitbit. 

Joan Steps March 3 2021

And I certainly wouldn't be celebrating over 28 million step! Woohoo!

Is the Fitbit More Accurate Than Your Phone?

Yes! Though no pedometer is 100% accurate, the Fitbit is wayyyy MORE accurate than your phone.

I've measured my steps with my many cellphones over the years and they ALL totally sucked at accurately measuring steps.

Is it Worth it to Get a Fibit?

It's less than $100 and is totally worth it for your peace of mind!

Ladies, let your Fitbit keep track of your steps! You've got enough other stuff to keep track of when you're trying to reverse your Prediabetes.

Buying a Fitbit is totally worth it. Trust me.

What Fitbit Should You Buy?

As much as a Fitbit will help you, you do NOT need the fanciest model! 

Just get the middle-of-the-road Fitbit and you'll be totally fine.

Fitbit BUY today!

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Why I Love My Fitbit – Blog Post Wrap Up

Will you fall in love with your Fitbit? Yup!

So... what are you waiting for?

So...that's the story of why I love my Fitbit!

Fitbit BUY today!

And now it's time for me to go for a walk. 

Waking Fitbit

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